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5 Things I Like About Davao

Davao is one of the cities in the Philippines that I had always wanted to visit, if only to experience the renowned peacefulness there. The Duterte family has been ruling the city for decades, and their strict methods have resulted in Davao being one of most desirable places to live in the country. Imagine how much fun that could be for a visitor! So when I got the chance to go there for a weekend, I didn’t really hesitate. I would pay (and am paying) for that weekend in more ways than one, but it was a good experience. To deviate from the usual way of how I write about my trips, I think I’ll do that things I like about [insert place] here thingie. Here they are, in no particular order.

Housecleaning Bratinella

Now don't get me wrong. I am not that useless around the house. My dad taught me, at an early age, to do stuff around the house. I learned how to fix a leaky faucet. I know (or knew) how to use a saw and a hammer (though my thumb did suffer at some point). I know all about concrete nails and  threaded studs . But, I just dislike cleaning the house. Sure, there is something to be said about manual labor and how it clears the brain and helps you de-stress. I totally agree with that, but having to regularly scrub the bathroom floors and making sure the bedroom floor's free of dust and hair...that's a totally different story.

Mr. Delicious's Artisanal Pinoy Wagyu Corned Beef

It was not too long ago when I first saw a photo of mouthwatering Philippine Wagyu Corned Beef by French-trained American chef Jeremy Slagle, who is better known online as Mr. Delicious. Needless to say, it was love at first read. And then sight. For a person who is a sucker for corned beef (not Argentina, sorry), I was enthralled by the thought high quality meat being used for one of my favourite brunch items. As luck would have it, I was invited to an event by a friend at Homegrown , where Mr. Delicious himself was serving up samples of the beef! Even better, he had a couple half-kilo packs of the corned beef with him, so I walked out gingerly holding this box in my hands. Under pouring rain. Oh yeah, there was a typhoon that night, and of course, I just had to be out.

Post-reading Thoughts: The Empire Trilogy by Feist and Wurts

I like trilogies better than epic tales that span five books or more. I say this now a couple of hours after finishing the Mistress of the Empire, the third book in the Empire Trilogy by Feist and Wurts. These names have been recommended by trusted people many years past, but it was only recently that I found the time and inclination to pick the first book up. And as it often happens to me, I found myself steeped in the plot almost from the get go. While I did have to stop reading when I fell asleep at night - still holding the iPhone - the story and characters would permeate my thoughts every day. (Believe it or not, in the couple of weeks that I spent with the Acoma, I felt the urge to redecorate Tsuranni-style and look up  seat cushion specials . The writing did paint very graphic images in my head - from gory to homey!)

AK Bistro Update

I was almost raving about AK Bistro at One Rockwell the other day, and based on my experience at that point, it was all justified. I think I have to temper my enthusiasm a tad, though. Yesterday was a great day, and there was more than enough cause to celebrate. Since we were in the area anyway, AK Bistro was where we headed for dinner. Now, I am a callos enthusiast, and so far, the best callos I have had is from Cucina Victoria, which is at PowerPlant Mall. Anyhow, the two dishes last night were simply "okay". And with the prices, I have to rethink going to AK Bistro regularly. Once or twice a month maybe, but definitely not weekly.