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Forward, Ever Forward

The past few weeks have been rather crazy, for lack of a better word. I am thankful that I have work, lots of it actually. I have to admit that the stress and busyness of it all has not helped my mental and emotional state. On the personal end, I received some news. Something I have been waiting on for a long time. It is good news, but it also means having to go through some sticky periods as well. At some point in the past two weeks, I just found myself totally drained, wanting to do nothing but sleep. I could not give in, of course, and something that a friend told me helped me plod on. Forward, ever forward . Such a short statement, such a simple one at that, but it holds so much power that I have been repeating it in my head. When it all seems so tiring, when thoughts go haywire, and the past and present just collides into one tangled mess, STOP. Think: forward, ever forward . Photo credit: Ecology

This Is a Pinoy Boodle Fight

Boodle. It rhymes with poodle, but it has nothing to do with those cute little dogs. The only thing that might be related is the fact that people who participate in a Boodle (Fight) can get as excited as little poodles being taken out on a walk. Seriously, though, a Boodle Fight is a fun way of dining with friends. If you want to let your hair down and simply enjoy good food and company, a Boodle Fight is the way to go. First you cover the table with banana leaves. Forget fine china and silverware. It's back to the basics. Prepping the table with banana leaves

Buses Ain't That Bad

I have always hated taking the bus. When I was younger, it was mainly due to the car sickness that I almost always experienced when taking the bus. I was forced into making it a habit when I went to college, though, as we didn't have a car back then, and most of the time, the bus was the only way to go to school (and back home on weekends). I still hated it with a passion, though. Today, I carry over remnants of those negative emotions when it comes to bus rides, but recent trips from the city to my parents' house have been almost pleasant. Buses have improved, finally. They don't stink anymore. Some even have a receipt printer , which people from progressive countries may not find remarkable, but over here, we're used to the conductor punching holes in the tickets to mark the cost. Good luck to you if you can't figure out your fare! (Not to mention the unwanted confetti falling all over you from the holes.)

The Wheel Weaves...

I miss the world of the Wheel of Time. With all those books in the series, one has to set aside considerable time for them. I did. Over and over again, but it doesn't look like I am going to have that luxury in the near future. It doesn't mean, though, that my mind does not make references to the series all the time. Maybe not every day, but quite often. Today, I think of how the Wheel weaves, and how life ebbs and flows, how the saying "what comes around goes around". It sure does. There was a time when I was totally settled, looking forward to a quiet life maybe with kids, at least a dog (and other animals for sure). Worrying about things like getting the plumbing fixed, getting  life insurance quotes no exam  required, making sure that there is money for rainy days, blah blah blah. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. It sure did. Uprooted. Somewhat settled. Uprooted again. Somewhat settled again. Once more uprooted. Boy, would Moiraine and the Aes

Is the Kobo a Good Alternative?

Kobo ereader There is nothing like holding a "real" book made of paper in your hands and enjoying a nice leisurely weekend afternoon devouring the printed words. There is the tactile feedback, and there is that distinct smell as well. Then again, I will be the first one to admit that it is sometimes more convenient to have an ereader. I won't go on and on about the advantages and disadvantages of this "new medium", but let's just say for me, the traditional printed books and ereaders do not have to be mutually exclusive. That being said, which ereaders are the best to use? I have only used the Nook, the iPad, and the iPhone. Admittedly, the last two are not really dedicated ereaders, hence my question about the kobo ereader . I have read some pretty good things about this ereader, with it having practically everything that you need - if you really are only focused on the reading part. The big thing is the price: at $99 (less than PHP5000), you h