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The Couch

I miss this. For some reason, I just found myself thinking of it this afternoon. I know it is just a couch, but it used to be my comfort zone. Yeah, while I do not watch a lot of TV, I do tend to spend a lot of time settled in comfy furniture. And boy, was this couch the epitome of comfort! It may not be leather (but that also means I do not have to worry about  leather sofa repair ), but that cloth feels really good. :) In the recent years, I have been without a place of my own. That may not be a big deal for some, but for someone who left her parents' house at the age of 15 and having to temporarily stay with them again more than a decade later, it is quite a struggle. I am not complaining, really, but I cannot ignore the fact that I do long for a space of my own.

Spot the Difference

On the way to the city the other day, we had to stop at a gas station so that the kids could have breakfast. Not being a breakfast person, I stayed in the parking lot to wait for them. We were still not far from the province, and looking around, I couldn't help noticing the difference in the sky.  Which is which? Tell me?

Another Foray In the City - Shop, Eat, and Drink!

I have been a city dweller for almost half of my life, but in the recent months, I have been spending more time in the province, and I didn't realize - till now - how much that can change you. I am not complaining, life is good, but the city does have a lot of comforts and conveniences that one does miss after a while. It's been a couple of days that I have been back, and I am enjoying it more than I thought. While I have never been one to get excited about shopping, it seems that going around in the malls is more enjoyable now. With people getting married left and right, people celebrating birthdays practically every time I turn around - shopping is becoming a more frequent activity. The good thing is that I think that even if I have to scour the shops for  gifts for bridesmaids , it is not a big deal anymore for me. Of course, if you have the option to shop online, that is always a more convenient way to go about things! (Before I know it, I might be posting about shoppi

On Cosmetic Dermatology

I normally do not read celebrity news sites and blogs, but work requires that I keep myself updated on this topic. I have to admit, you get to spend some time without exercising your mind a lot, and sometimes, you come across interesting bits. One thing that I have come across a lot is  Cosmetic Dermatology . This field has been around for ages, and it may even be responsible for low esteem in some people. Still, one cannot deny the appeal and practical purposes of cosmetic dermatology. This is especially true if you have skin problems that cannot be solved by over the counter products. I used to be very sensitive about this topic, having really bad skin. Over the years, though, it has grown on me, and I am pretty much used to it. I do visit the dermatologist regularly just to make sure that things do not get worse. Also, if you like soaking in the sun, you really need to pay closer attention to your skin's health. That is where dermatology clinics such as  California Skin In

Girls' Night Out

I love it how my cousins, my sister, and I have become real friends, as opposed to only being related by blood. You know how sometimes, you have to "put up" with people because they are your relatives? It is not always follow that relatives are good friends. Last night, my sister and I went out with one of our cousins for a girls' night out. Well, as much of a night out as you can have in Los BaƱos. It was fun. It was light. It was intense. It was proof that we are friends more than merely being relatives. First stop of the evening was Boston Cafe, which I had sworn I would never visit again. The facade of this branch tempted Hannah and me, though, so we gave it a shot. Hannah in front of Boston