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New Career?

Guess what I just did - for the third time? Dewormed the puppies! The first time I asked my vet friend, she said to just do it myself using medication for babies. I was wary, but I went ahead and did it. Now, I think I can do it in my sleep. Maybe if I ever think of starting a new career - as unlikely as that is - I can try being a vet. Not that administering medication using a needle-less syringe is hard. ;) This newfound "flexibility" has its advantages, though. I was looking at skilled workers needs in some countries the other day and I couldn't see anywhere I would fit in. All that were "urgent" were jobs for machinists,  Orthodontist Jobs , engineers, vets, and other professions I have no clue about. Maybe I can give it a try, but I am pretty sure I won't hack it as a photographer. I can't even get the orientation right. Nymeria and Summer getting ready for deworming Now to practice driving. Maybe I can be a driver. P.S. I have absolut

Darned Termites!

Yesterday I wrote about ants. Today, it's about termites. I have nothing personal against them, but who does not know about the destruction they wreak? A week ago, I decided to open up one of the boxes containing my books.  I swear, if I had known what was in store for me, I would have gone on a  goggles sale  hunt. My sister told me she had re-packed the boxes so that the books would be safe. Little did we know that we have a serious termite issue in this house. Those critters are nasty! Of the huge box of books that I had opened, I was able to salvage only a handful. Small consolation: most of the Wheel of Time books are still okay, but I lost a few. I lost Dune. I lost so many that took years to "gather". Lesson learned. Don't keep books in boxes unless you're 100% they're safe. Strong case for eBooks. :/


The two puppies we got a month or so ago are growing up like crazy. They're much heavier now - with how much they eat, I really am NOT surprised! What's funny (sometimes irritating) is how full of energy they both are. I swear, if these puppies ran on batteries, they would have duracell procell aaa inside them. Lots of batteries. Every time I go outside, they hear the screen door squeak. The reaction is always the same: two energized puppies bounding up the yard to nip and scratch my legs. Even as I enjoy my morning coffee, I have to make sure to pay attention to Summer and Nymeria. When I sit outside for my second - or third - cup, the two are always there as well. This afternoon, I was surprised to observe them frolicking beside me, but not paying much attention to me. I was not complaining, as it was a rare occasion to actually sit there and enjoy the cool air without having to dodge sharp teeth. I did wonder what they were busy with, though. Here's Nymeria. N

Dexter Update

Remember that tiny red-ear slider I got what seems like ages ago? I think that was about 3 years ago or something. Dexter came with Casey, but Casey sadly didn't make it past infancy. Dexter, on the other hand, has thrived like nothing else. I think that coming home to LB has just contributed to him getting bigger and bigger, if not faster. He is heavy and has long sharp claws - hence he can be hard to handle. I wouldn't be surprised if we had to get   Marcus nursing scrubs  just to handle him in a few months! Not that a uniform is necessary, but with all the animals and babies around here, one might as well! Dexter has totally outgrown his aquarium. He even cracked the bigger one because of his tendency to butt the corners with his head. At least I think that's what he used to do. Now he has the front lawn to roam around in. Just to be sure that the mischievous puppies don't bother him, we put this protection around him. Dexter basking on the grass; cage borrow