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Do You Have Computer Vision Syndrome?

If you're like me, you spend 90% of your day in front of the computer - or one of its variations (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.). If you have been doing this for the past several years, your eyes might just be suffering! I would be the last person to blame the computer (and hence maybe have to do something about it), but there is some truth to all those "rumors" about prolonged exposure to the screen being bad for your eyes. Here's a cool infographic about the health concerns and how technology can be good and/or bad for you. It contains interesting information such as how to take care of your eyes without throwing that laptop away. And yes, technology is working for us, as well. I would be the first to get these bionic lenses if I could afford them! For the entire infographic, visit Holy Kaw .

These Are Days

I used to play that song by Jamie Cullum every time I go to the beach. Lounging on the shore, feeling the sun's warmth wash over me, listening to the sound of the waves...the setting's just perfect for the song. I haven't listened to it a single time the past few days while at the beach, but it's still apt. It's been both busy and lazy, and I am only using my phone to go online, so I can't post much for now, but suffice it to say that the sights are more than enough to make one forget about "real life" in the city. Heck, I didn't even get to see the college flags during the college basketball games this afternoon. (We lost anyway.) So here are some of the pics I like looking at over and over again. More pics when I get back to the city (with stable Internet and more bandwidth). The waterfalls at the end of Loboc River. Going up Loboc River. The view from the "office". I just can't get enough of this beach!

The Only Coffee Guide You'll Need

Well not really. This is probably not the most accurate guide to coffee drinks you'll find, but it still is something to perk you up on a Monday. So what is your drink of choice? I normally go for an Americano, but a cappuccino or latte is just as welcome. Without a doubt, though, the Irish coffee icon is the best! Via

My First MacBook Air Encounter

"Everyone should have a notebook this advanced. And now everyone can." Or so says Steve Jobs, who has been magically convincing people to pay considerable amounts of money for his creations. One thing you cannot argue with, though, is that the MacBook Air is indeed advanced. Yesterday, I was surprised that the new MacBook Airs had arrived in the Philippines. I knew they were coming, but I thought it would take another week at least. Needless to say, the surprise was very pleasant. Understatement of the year. So I now I find myself with a 13-inch MBA with 128 GB of flash storage, and I only have three words to describe my new baby/source of livelihood/toy. Fast. Everyone has been talking about how fast the new MBAs are. The benchmarks testify to that. One thing: you really won't appreciate just how fast these babies are until you use them. When they say instant shut down, they mean instant. Even with all the programs I need installed, I still find myself am

Kiss the Cook @ Maginhawa

A couple of weekends ago, my friends and I embarked on an adventure, which was of course focused on food. We decided to get out of our little comfort zone called Eastwood and go back to our roots - the UP area. Our target was this cafe called "Van Gogh is Bipolar" - how can you not want to try out a place with a name like that? Unfortunately, we weren't able to find it easily, and we ended up at a cozy restaurant called "Kiss the Cook". Located at 59 Maginhawa St., UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City, the restaurant has a very welcoming look to it. They have this tiny kitschy boutique at a corner inside. As I said, though, food was the main thing that night, and for that reason, the boutique didn't get much attention. The interior was very comfy - and so was the seating, with lots of pillows! The menu looked interesting, with the prices being very reasonable. I highly recommend the French Onion Soup - which you can easily find in other places, but Kiss t