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Teaching Again!

Sometimes I still wonder at how excited I get about teaching. I have a very vivid memory of a teacher in grade school asking our class what we wanted to be when we grew up, and in my head, I told myself "Anything but a teacher!" Many many years later, I found myself - you guessed it - teaching. More than simply doing a job, I actually enjoyed doing it! Coming from a "teaching family," I suppose it is not really that much of a surprise. That reflection on not wanting to be a teacher was probably the rebel in me. In any case, you all probably know that I left my day job as an English teacher last year. I have found myself missing it every now and then, so when a friend (who works for a relocation services company) offered me a part-time job teaching Business English to expats here in the Philippines, I didn't really hesitate. Last week, I hauled my stuff to the next city to give my first lesson. It was great and tiring at the same time. It's not a &q

What Is Insomnia?

I have been writing LOTS of content for a project in the past months and they're mainly on finance and medicine. Most of the time, the titles are the form of What Is [INSERT TERM HERE]? Let me tell you - I have learned more about finance and medicine in the past two months than I have ever learned during a semester of economics and biology! Then again, experiencing insomnia first hand is never a fun thing. Sure, it may be informative in the experiential way, but this is one case wherein I'd rather experience things vicariously. They say that insomnia has various causes, some of which may be physiological while others are psychological. They say that oftentimes, insomnia is caused by emotional and/or mental issues that you are unable to resolve. No shit, Sherlock! Seriously, though, insomnia has been bugging me on and off for as long as I can remember. Nothing has changed there. It's just a matter of when it will start again. For now, it has started, and I cannot

Snake Dreams

I finally fell asleep before dawn earlier today, and that was a relief. The sucky part is that I didn't really sleep well. I have written about my elevator dream before - the recurring one. Well, I haven't dreamed it in a while, but I had another one of my recurring dreams last night: about snakes. I don't know why, but snakes have always creeped me out. Every now and then, especially if I have seen snakes on TV, I have scary dreams. Well last night - or this morning - I had one of them. Some say snakes are good luck. Snake tattoo, anyone? (I'd be the first to sign up for tatoo removal if I ever find one on my skin for some reason.) Anyhow, I wonder why I had that dream last night. I woke up groggy and out of it - more than usual. Anyone know what snake dreams mean?

Shopping and Insomnia

I have long ago learned the value of retail therapy. True, I am a recent convert - compared to my other friends, that is. Still, I will never ignore the good that a little shopping can bring you. Never mind that the respite is brief and that you'll have to pay for what you buy. The temporary relief is worth it most of the time. Yesterday, I went shopping at Greenhills and walked - limped rather - away with some "good vibes" stuff. I just love it how bazaars can make you dizzy due to the sheer number of stalls and goods! I even bought baby stuff for Eli, my new nephew whom we're expecting any day now. I wish he were here now - although I bet my sister is even more eager than I am. (Right, Han?) Anyhow, I am rambling once again, thanks to this recent comeback that my insomnia has made. For whatever reason, I am having problems falling asleep at night again. Maybe I ought to go back to Greenhills just so that I get totally exhausted and go out like a light at

The Game Begins: Game of Thrones Teaser

George R.R. Martin posted a note on his Facebook account yesterday, and he shared the latest teaser for the upcoming HBO TV series based on his Song of Ice and Fire books. Needless to say, I am beside myself with excitement! If I haven't written about it before, let me say it again: this series is so dark and so representative of what happens in real life that it is scary. The trailers they have released so far seem to hold a lot of promise, and this latest one beats them all, I think. Can't wait for April 17!