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The Nanny

Do I look like a nanny? If nannies are supposed to be as sexy as Fran Drescher, then I should be flattered, I guess. If I had a dollar for each "proposal" that I have received in the past month, then I would have...well, enough to buy a couple of beers. Seriously, though. I just received another message on MySpace Inbox - different name, similar details. Hello Madam, I'm [insert name here] from UNITED KINGDOM(London) am here seeking for a nanny to take good care of my 2 lovely daughters 11yrs and 7yrs, am a contractor and i travel alot so i need who can help me take care of my daughters cos am always out of the country and my last nanny just got married she left so i need a replacement A.S.A.P, if you are really interested, i will be paying you (2,400 US dollars) monthly tax free, i will provide accommodation and feeding as well, and i will be responsible for your travelling expenses and flight ticket, Pls if you are interested pls send your resume to my personal emai

The Pain Women Go Through

*WARNING* The contents of this post may be too much for the "stronger sex" to handle. I have always loved to pamper myself. What can I say - I like my comforts! I take pleasure in the little things in life. A steaming hot cup of strong coffee. An hour or two at the spa. Cool and crisp sheets at the end of a long day. A nice hot bath (or shower). The list can go on and on. However, I never really paid attention to the things that a woman "must" go through to keep herself looking nice. I always held the belief that appearances are way overrated. Then I discovered doing things for myself. The rest, as the cliche goes, is history. I discovered that the agony of having tiny hairs stripped from your skin results in being more comfortable. (Don't ask me how or why - not prepared to share that much.) I discovered that the discomfort of having your nails scraped and shaped results in prettier feet and hands. (Yeah, too girly, but as it turns out, a lot of fu

A Friend's Thoughts on Atheism and Conversion

I have always had my faith - that is the one constant thing in my life, although I have to admit I have often strayed far. The past year has taught me one thing: nothing can replace the relationship that I have with my God. In spite of my shenanigans, that is the one true thing that I can count on at the end of the day. A few minutes after waking up this afternoon, I read something that made this conviction even stronger. A friend blogged about her thoughts on atheism and conversion , and it did make shivers run up and down my spine. How can these points not make you think? Atheism made my life easy . But at the end of the day, I asked myself, why do I feel empty? I tried holding on to the fact that being alive was enough. That life was, bottom line, meaningless, really. Atheism failed to teach me and give me that necessary confidence that I actually matter more than I think . Each day, I'd experience tiny miracles that I couldn't explain. Each day, I held on and did no

Green Lantern Trailer

Everyone and their mom has posted this trailer, perhaps, but it is just too good not to share! In case you haven't seen it yet, check out the teaser for the Green Lantern movie. I am not much of a comic book fan, although I do know a little about superheroes, and it looks like this movie will be on my list of "to watch in the theater." In brightest day, in blackest night...

Friday = Good Vibes

Everyone loves Fridays, and even if I don't have a "normal" job, I still make it a point to celebrate this day. More than simply giving a semblance of normalcy to my routine, it does make things more fun! I haven't had any sleep - that's a different story - but I feel good this Friday morning. Maybe it's the bright and warm sunlight streaming through ginormous windows. Maybe it's the coffee. Who cares? It's Friday, and my schedule is still looking crazy for the next week at least. Still, I think I shall go squeeze in an hour of jogging (walking is more like it) later - forget weight loss drinks for now, good old exercise might do. I really don't know, but things are really looking up despite the hecticness (is that even a word?) of it all. Yeah, it's Friday, and I hope you all will be feeling good today as well!r