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It's getting nearer and nearer - the day I'm finally going to let go of what has been tying me down. I have less than 2 weeks to pack, but I really don't feel like doing it. Help? Anyhow, I am so looking forward to being a nomad, and my plans are looser than ever. Forget plans - they have a way of getting screwed up anyway! On another note, I visited a friend's new house the other night and it was gorgeous (you know who you are). Was that a Moen kitchen faucet I saw while preparing the ice for the drinks??? That appreciation made me realize that I still DO want a place I can call home, it's just not for now. In the meantime, I shall get me a massage - might help get me motivated to pack!

Singapore GP Fever? Forget That!

Fever? That word is so not the right word. The first time I heard the sound of the F1 cars earlier, I just couldn't help but let out a squeal of delight (which happened again and again and again and again). I had to stand there at the corner with my eyes closed - just letting everything sink in. Yeah, maybe I may be overreacting. SO SUE ME. I had the time of my life this evening - and it wasn't even Race Day yet! Some pics from today. This is the bridge where the cars passed. Definitely one of those OMG-worthy moments. Sure needed that coffee to steady myself. After a while, we headed towards the Swissotel to claim my ticket for Race Day. And this is what an ecstatic Numi looks like after getting her hands on the ticket that she's been dreaming of for years. Am so thankful...

Singapore GP Fever

Practice is on going..and I am sitting at Starbucks. BAH. I only have tickets for Race Day, but I should be near the track in bit and at least hear the heavenly purr of those engines. Photos from the other night when we could still walk in the circuit. Yup, there's someone who is beside herself with excitement. Another dream come true in 2010!!!

T Minus 5 days

Or is it 6? I am just beside myself with excitement. SG Day 2 was all about work and meeting a good old friend of mine. I also think I've found my spot in the nearby mall. For now, I shall go back to work so that I can sleep and dream about Sunday!F

Numi Does SG - Day 1

I really really need to learn how to pack well before I have to leave for the airport. I also need to learn how to actually get some sleep the night before going on a trip. Then again, I have to learn a lot of things - things which I can't seem to get around to doing. Current trip: Numi Does Singapore! This is my first trip outside of the country alone. I love traveling, but I never really pay attention to directions - I guess I got used to travel companions doing that for me. So yesterday, I had to repeatedly mentally give myself a pinch to remind me that I was alone and had to figure out how to get to the city center by myself. How many times I had to pull myself out of my music-induced reverie, I don't remember. I actually had to take some time to peruse the train maps! But you know what? I liked it. One thing I can say about this city - there are signs every freakin' where about every freakin' thing. It's perfect for me! It's kinda hard to get lo