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Liquor Ban

I can't believe it. They are imposing a liquor ban in my neighborhood. I was walking home with some friends when we stopped by MiniStop. I tried to get some Red Horse, and the lady at the counter told me that there is a liquor ban. I tried to convince her to just sell it to me - she probably recognizes me anyway - but she said that the cash register would record the transaction. She said that the ban has been in place for about 2 months now, from 10pm to 8am. The last time this happened to me was when I was living in Project 6, about 5 years ago. How is this possible when the bars are all selling liquor 24 hours a day? Oh well, thank God for my stash of tequila and whiskey. I did want some beer, though. :p

Dragons and Indian Food

Weekends used to be "sacred" for me. I wouldn't really go out - for two reasons. One was that I considered weekends family time, so I would spend it at home (or out with family, duh). Two was that I just don't really like going out. Now that I am stepping out into uncharted territory, I have been trying to do things I don't normally do. So yesterday, when I felt like watching How To Train Your Dragon and Nikki suggested going to Glorietta, I just went for it. I didn't regret it one single bit. (Although it was weird going to that place again under different circumstances.) Before watching, we had a light dinner at New Bombay. Nikki had been building up this restaurant a LOT, so my expectations were quite high. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. Even better, my stomach did not act up despite the Indian food. We had palak paneer and chicken tikka masala. Cafe World addicts, does that sound familiar? Nikki and Koryu reunited. The place looks authent

Guitar Hero Night

The last time I played Guitar Hero on the PS3 - I can't remember. It seems that so many months have passed since I started on this "journey," and there are some little things that were taken away from me - playing this video game being one of them. I know it seems insignificant, but after playing again last night, I realized just how much I miss JJ (that's the PS3 Slim, in case you've forgotten.) Crossing my fingers that an acquaintance will be able to patch up Jethro (the original PS3) so that I can play at home! Anyway, we held Guitar Hero night at a friend's place, and we had a blast! I guess the fact that they have a new flat screen TV made it even better! Isn't that a beauty? You don't even need to look at tv stands if you had one of these babies. Oh yeah, sucky picture - can you tell my hands were shaking from the excitement of it all? One thing I don't understand: Guitar Hero World Tour would play but not recognize the guitar control

Friday At The Office

Everyone looks forward to Fridays. It's supposed to be a day where you can actually kick your feet up a little bit, even at work. Today, however, it was just so hard! We have a HUGE deadline on Wednesday, which is the last work day of next week for us. We just might make it, but it meant that we had to work our butts off today. You can just imagine how hard that is on a Friday! I'm glad for the music that we shared today, though. Our boss shared some old music, and it definitely helped me get through the day. I re-discovered Sheryl Crow's C'mon C'mon album, and songs like Soak Up The Sun made me feel happy. Less than a week, and I will be at the beach AGAIN! While I would love to look at vacation home rentals, going to Tamaraw - where I feel right at home - will be more than enough to rejuvenate me. For now, I am waiting on some friends to finish work; THEN, we are going to have Guitar Hero night! In the meantime, I shall catch up on my writing. Have

Empty Pantry

For once, I came home at a "normal" time. You know, the time when you can still watch the prime time shows on TV. The time that people actually go home and relax. I was quite excited about going swimming and making dinner. I wasn't able to swim because it's too cold. Neither was I able to make much of a dinner because I came home to an empty pantry. :( That is so NOT me. My pantry's always stocked up, but I don't even have a can of soup! All I can see are promotional mugs (I really should leave this collection with my parents again), salad dressing, spices, and alcohol. I do have half a kilo of chicken in the fridge. Maybe I'll just whip up some chicken adobo. Shopwise, I think I have been away for too long...