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The flesh is indeed weak. I have been craving steak for over a week now. Considering the fact that I haven't had steak in over 2 months, I think that I have been pretty "good." Right now, though, even after an excellent dinner of clam chowder and red wine, I think that the week will not pass without me satisfying this craving. Diets and weight loss be darned - that's why they have the best weight loss pills out there, right? :p On a more serious note, I am continuing to realize just how much of an impulsive person I am. When I get a craving - food or otherwise - I just can't stop obsessing until I get what I want. I have improved, I honestly believe that; but I also know I have a long way to go. I woke up this morning feeling quite happy - something that hasn't happened to me for the longest time. I am not going to let my cravings get the best of me. As a friend said earlier, hold on to that feeling. And, believe me, I WILL.

Mexican Food and a Deli

After the wonderful trek to Pinatubo's crater, we all felt drained. Still, we had enough energy to go to Mabalacat, Pampanga to satisfy our appetites. Since this was Ruy's turf, he took us to their favorite Mexican restaurant in the area: Zapatta's. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Oh, where's our food??? Mayan soup for starters. It tasted like refried beans made into soup. Not bad at all. Their combo platter: refried beans, Mexican rice, chicken enchiladas, and chili con carne. All good with an ice cold bottle of beer! Needless to say, I had to take some home. I was so full I felt that I needed lipozene at the end of the meal! That didn't stop me from getting some key lime pie ala mode. I had never had this before, but that Dexter episode where he kept looking for the best key lime pie was stuck in my head. I loved the pie! Zapatta's is not cheap but not pricey either. I would readily go back there and have some margaritas. I d

Our Mount Pinatubo Adventure

Ever since I saw pictures of my friends at this wonderful azure lake that is the crater of a volcano, I had wanted to go. Mount Pinatubo is known all over the world for wreaking havoc in 1991. It erupted unexpectedly, killing hundreds and affecting the climate as far as North America (I think). I still remember that morning when I woke up with ashes all over my bed - I thought it was snow! Almost 20 years later, this area of destruction has turned into something more beautiful than anyone can imagine. It is now a premiere tourist destination, and people just can't help but be amazed at the transformation that nature has brought about. Last Saturday, I went to Pinatubo with several friends. Thanks to Ruy, the trip was all planned out. All I had to do was be at their house by 4 am. Dressed for the hike and bag all packed, I was STOKED! We drove to Capas, Tarlac, which is the easiest entry point to the crater. We parked at the spa and hopped into the 4x4 that came with the

Missing Saigon

A friend asked me last week: "What did Vietnam do to you?" I didn't think much of it, but now that I am sitting here taking a break from my writing jobs, I realize that the Vietnam trip really did do something to me. It has made me realize that there is so much more to life. It has made me realize that the silver lining might not be as far off as I thought it was. It has given me more strength to dust myself off, stand, and take that next step. It has reignited a spark of hope within myself. I have to say that I am missing Vietnam more than any other place that I have visited. Whatever the reason is, I know that it will be one of the most memorable trips ever. I want to go back soon despite the money issues. Even if I am a bit scared to leave the condo for long periods of time (Afriend's condo got broken into the week I was away! I think I should get my own security camera just to be safe.), I think that this travel bug cannot be ignored. In the meantime,

Thanking God It's Friday!

I sure am! I wasn't planning on going out last night as I had a 7 AM meeting this morning. As usual, things didn't go exactly as I planned. I ended up going to Handlebar again to watch a friend play. And, as usual, I ended up enjoying myself even though I was hesitant to go at first. There's just something about sitting back with some Jack and Coke and listening to good music. Though I was planning on going home at midnight, I didn't get home till past two. People watching is an interesting activity, did you know that? And watching my friend pack his drum kit made me admire dedicated musicians even more. Seriously, it looked like he had stainless steel drums in those cases! It took the better part of an hour (maybe more) to get them all packed and ready! So I am rambling once again...bear with me. With two hours of sleep, I have no energy left but to say TGIF. I will be out of here by 4 PM and I can catch some sleep. I would rather go the distance and stay