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Caramoan Debrief: Getting There

Getting to Caramoan was not as easy as I thought it would be. I guess I should have been ready, but I didn't really pay much attention to the details. Still, it was not that bad. I already posted something about having to be carried by porters to get on the boat. Before you can get there, though, you have to fly to Naga City in Camarines Sur . The flight is a really short one if you're coming from Manila (40 or so minutes). The thing is, the plane is smaller than usual - check out those props. Once you get to Naga Airport (which is actually located in Pili, outside of the city), you need to find your way to Sabang Port. This trip will take about 40 minutes to an hour . Your choices are: Hire an airport cab. This will cost you a whopping PHP1,500 MINIMUM. Arrange transfers from airport to resort (most convenient but probably also costly). Hire an airport cab to the Filcab Terminal in Naga City, then take the van (Filcab) to Sabang Port. The cab to Naga will cost you

Fearless - NOT Quite

What's your greatest fear? I remember a time when my answer to this question - without any equivocation - was poverty . I was so scared of being in need to the point that I'd have to depend on someone else totally. I guess I still am. But it is no longer my greatest fear. There was a point when my answer was something totally different: to lose an entity very important to me, forever. I thought that I wouldn't be able to hack it. And it happened. I lost it. It hasn't been forever, but guess what? I am more than hacking it. Yeah, I stumble to my knees more often that I would like. I "malfunction" more times than I expect. And yet at the end of the day, I realize that that fear is not that fearsome at all. Now ask me what my greatest fear is... It took me a while to start this paragraph. I can't describe the fear. I know it is there somewhere. It's just too complex at the moment. One thing I do know. Whatever that fear is, it is nothin

La Playa Resort

Just a quick took us more than half a day to get to our destination. Our plane left ONLY 5 minutes late, can you believe that? The rest of the trip was not that easy, though. The boat ride from the mainland to the island was really tough, starting with a guy carrying us on his shoulders!!! (Just turn your head - sorry the Internet is sooo slow!) I felt that I needed life insurance as the guy waded through chest deep water to take me to the boat - even more so when the waves started to get rough. It wasn't that bad, really. I was asleep pretty much the whole time due to not getting any the night before. Now, we're having our second meal at the resort. One thing you can't complain about: the food. They feed you too much! :p

Thinking of Goals

Last night, I went to a friend's house for dinner in Marikina. That place - much like any other place in this metro - holds special memories for me, and it was great (even liberating) to go back and create new memories. We had the best pork chicharon ever - homemade! Awesome food (thanks, Mr. Reyes!) and even more awesome friends - you can't go wrong with that. Later that night, we went to Franky's, this little bar and grill off Katipunan. Over beer, we got to talking about our goals for 2010. My friends had their lists ready - from buying a car to becoming business plan consultants . I, on the other hand, was a bit at a loss. I did have bits and pieces in my mind, but I think I shall take time during this week to write down achievable and measurable goals. Here's to 2010, guys! Cheers!

Blessed Christmas Eve

It was a very different Christmas, but it was a very good one! Don't have the words to describe it right now, so I'll let photos do the talking. Noche Buena with the family. Sam was fast asleep at this point. Mark and Hannah chilling. Dad and Mom (doesn't her hair look like Wolverine's?) Earlier that night. Still earlier...dinner and wine with friends. Sam "reading" Yummy. I hope you all had (have) a blessed Christmas! May your hearts be filled with peace and love (and your bellies with food and cups with wine)!