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Time For A Healthy Lifestyle?

Living a healthy lifestyle is the in thing these days. Theoretically, I totally understand and agree with these principles. My problem is in the execution. While I do not really see my lifestyle as "bad," I know that there are a lot of areas which I can work on.

Now why am I suddenly in this healthy mode? You know I have been seeing the OB regularly for my PCOS and that she had me see a nephrologist. I had my ultrasound done today, to check on my kidneys and according to the person who did the ultrasound, there is a spot or a mass in the right lobe of my liver. Since she was supposed to check on the kidneys only, she didn't record the image of my liver but was insistent about me asking my doctor to request a liver ultrasound.

I don't drink much alcohol, I really don't. I can even live without it! Now it may be nothing but that med tech was quite concerned, and I couldn't help but feel the same. I guess I have to mention this to the doctor when I come i…

Nephro... what?

I went to my OB for a routine visit on Tuesday, and we didn't really get anywhere. First, she took a look at the results of my second urinalysis and she was a bit worried. Apparently the level of red blood cells was too high for her. So she referred me to a nephrologist.

You know me, I immediately looked it up...nephrologist: a kidney doctor.

So I went to see him today, and he wrote these things down on my chart:


Thank God for the free web directory I discovered - I got the information I needed. Urolithiasis is the fancy word for kidney stone while glomerulonephritis is something about blood vessels in the kidney being inflamed.

I am not really worried as I am not feeling bad at all - at least in terms of my kidney and making water. I did have another urinalysis done and I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Saturday, so I will know for sure next week. I really hope that nothing is wrong - I love my salt!!!

Too Much To Do, Too Little Time

This phrase is one that is overused, I think. Then again, when you are actually in a situation that calls for the phrase, you do not think about it being overused or not. I had a great day today, but I am really starting to get overwhelmed.

I am making some headway regarding the paperwork for my board exam. I still have a couple of documents to get, though. It's a good thing I started early.

Now I am starting to think about the finances this whole thing. Getting the paperwork done is not cheap! I didn't really think about this and sadly, I don't have much in terms of savings. This, plus the fact that I will be on UNPAID leave for a month or so starting October is starting to weigh heavily on my mind!

Then I found out that the tires of our truck need replacing - apparently the treads are already showing. Unfortunately, this is something that you can't really put off. It's not as if it were just custom headlights or some other cool thing.

Then there's w…

Where'd All This Stuff Come From?

I never really realize how much of a pack rat I am until I need something and I have to go through tons of moving boxes to find it. Our condo is perhaps the smallest we've had since we got married, and it seems to me that we have more boxes than we've ever had - there simply is no space for all our things!

Last night, for some reason, I was unable to get any sleep. Oh I am sure I dozed off for a bit, but I was awake by 6am, and trying to go back to lala land just made me frustrated. So I got up and tried to get some work done. I remembered that I needed this receipt for some papers that I need to get (you can't imagine just how much paperwork is required to take the board exam!) so I started digging around. That's when I realized we have been keeping things that should have been thrown out ages ago.

Take a look:
Tons of receipts - electricity bills, LPG delivery receipts, rent receipts - all from 3 years ago!Empty bottles of liquor - can't throw this away, J seem…

Thoughts On Turning 60

No, I am NOT turning 60; at least not in the next 30 years. It's actually my mom who turned 60, and my dad will follow suit next year. I just didn't get much quality sleep last night, and for some reason, I woke up thinking about age.

We humans put great stock in birthdays. There are certain years which we consider as milestones in our lives. Turning 1, turning 7, turning 16, 18, 30, 60...

I never really thought about it before, by I wonder what my mom was thinking earlier this month when she turned 60? She has been through a lot in her life, more than her share, I think. She had to raise two willful daughters, put them through college. She had to deal with a husband who always had the brightest ideas but was too kindhearted to actually make it big. A couple of years ago, a cataract operation went bad, and she went blind in one eye. At least she got a break when she was approved for social security disability; although that isn't much, at least she had a little bit …