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Last Minute Trip to Subic

We weren't really sure as to what we were going to do for New Year's Eve but it seems that we are going to Subic later this morning. I just want to hit the road and spend the night welcoming the New Year somewhere casual - without Jerry having to wear a tuxedo or me having to wear a dress. Two other options were to stay at home or to go home to my parents but we could not really agree on either option so I guess Subic it is. I am quite excited - maybe that is why I woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep. In case I don't find WiFi on the road, here's a Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Day After Christmas Trip To Liliw, Laguna

If Metro Manila has Marikina then Laguna has Liliw. This small town in the middle of the mountains is known for quality shoes and leather products that are sold for really really cheap. We decided to hit the road on 26 December and see what we could get our hands on. I am not much of a shoe person but I found myself buying more sandals that I had planned on. Jerry wanted Jesus sandals but could not find one that fit him. We also visited a really old church - this part of Laguna is known for them as well. How cheap are the shoes there? For sandals, you can get them for PHP100 to PHP250. Flip flops can be bought for as low as 3 for PHP100. Closed shoes go for PHP280 above. I am sure there were more expensive ones there but I didn't really look as I have not worn closed shoes in years. Oh, and we found an out of the way resto bar which served an interesting dish - crispy kangkong (I think it's water spinach in English). I was expecting the usual stir fried dish but got

The New Look Is Here!

I have been yakking on and on about revamping my blog and finally, I have found the time to do it! It is 1:45 in the morning and my eyes are closing on their own but I am quite happy with what I am seeing. I got the template from Blogcrowds after a long period of searching. The header was made by Carlo, a designer friend of mine. He really did a superb job didn't he? (Yeah this is a plug, he accepts orders. Let me know if you need a designer and I'll hook you up with him.) It took him about 2 weeks - I think even less - to finalize the header. All I did was to tell him the general idea that I had - a bluish-black dragon at night, something fierce but dreamy at the same time. I was kinda scared that he would not get my idea and that he wouldn't be able to visualize it. My fears were unfounded - I loved his first draft from the very beginning! In the meantime, the blog elements are still in the works so if you find anything that needs tweaking, please let me know

Christmas Eve with the Family

Christmas Eve has always been spent with my mother's family and this year was no different. I have to say, though, that this year was one of the most fun that we've had in the recent years. We were far from complete - my sister spent the night with her in-laws and our oldest cousin is still in Canada (coming home for the New Year) - but we still managed to stay up all night enjoying the company. Some pics of the family. My mom (in pink) with her sister and nephews and nieces Tres Marias My cousins with Jer - tasked with grilling Our little cousins My nephew - yeah I kinda forced him to pose Looks like we're going back home on the 2nd of January - more pictures then!

Looking Forward to Cebu

We have about 2 months before we actually get to go to Cebu but I am already beyond excitement. It's not that we have not had the chance to hit the road - we were on the road for the past 3 days (post about Christmas later) - but the Cebu trip means spending time on the beach and that is something that I haven't done in months. I am so excited I am just about ready to get my luggage ready. It may be a bit too early for that so maybe I'll have to settle for another road trip over the New Year. Maybe a couple of nights in Subic? We'll see.