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Survey Your Way to Extra Cash

Livi shared a new means of earning cash online with me. It's called A.W. Surveys and so far, I think they're great. I just joined a few minutes ago and I have already earned $10! Want to get a piece of the action? Click on the link below (referrals are good for me!) $6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

Goodbye Earl

WARNING: Post may be a bit emo. We held a despedida party for Earl on Friday at Rory's Bar in Katipunan. I would go as far as to say that Earl is one of the best friends that Jerry and I have. He's weird. He's quirky. He's smart. He's Earl. I first met Earl when I interviewed him at ITI. I am normally a keep-to-myself person but I don't know what happened. We ended up being good friends. And I know that despite Jerry's picking on him so much, Jerry cares for Earl like anything else. So anyway, Earl has to leave because his father is sick (in case someone we know gets to read this by chance). We are going to miss you Earl. Pictures from Friday.

Pink No More

Koryu's ready to go out in her new skin. I am glad that things turned out this way. We met Alfred, the guy who runs Pimp My Laptop , at the Shang. I found them online when I was looking for an alternative to G-mask, which charges ridiculous prices. The skin I got for Koryu was only P500! Compare that to G-mask's P2500 (or thereabouts). I have to say I am quite satisfied with the skin although the application is not that perfect - Koryu's curved edges made that hard. If you're in the market for a skin, get in touch with Alfred. You can even give him your image and use that for your skin. So, here goes...the "new" Koryu unveiled.

Feeling Responsible: Me and Life Insurance

I used to NOT think about insurance. I never really thought that I would have need for it. And then I grew up - at least I think I did. I don't know if I have written about it before but I have taken out a life insurance plan that doubles as a retirement plan. It hasn't been long since I took that policy out but I think that it was a really good decision. For the past month, I have been thinking of other types of insurance policies that I could take out - for my own sake and my family's as well. One thing that I have realized as I have been doing my research is this - you can get a wide variety of life insurance quote s so it is really important that you do a lot of research. I feel like a "real" adult now. I feel that I am finally being responsible! ;)

Claw Daddy @ The Shangrila Plaza

[UPDATE: More recent visit to Claw Daddy ] We went to the mall this afternoon to meet the guy who made Koryu's skin for me. (Yup, Koryu has a new look. I'll write a separate post about that later on.) We were also planning on watching The Dark Knight but our plans kinda changed so we just hung out at the mall. We weren't really planning on eating there - remember our budget? Being the easy people that we are, we got enticed by a flyer for Claw Daddy. Though I had heard about it before, I hadn't tried the restaurant yet. The food looked good, the prices decent, and we were craving seafood so off we went to give Claw Daddy a try. This was not really in our budget so we decided to go for their seafood platter (it has another name I just don't remember what it is). Basically, it was a huge tray of crabs, lobsters, shrimps, prawns, mussels, and clams. They also threw in a large grilled sausage, marble potatoes, and grilled corn on the cob. Included in the pric