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Our Little Neighbor, Francesca

It is no secret that Jer and I love kids. It's just that we have so many kids around us that we do not really feel the need to have our own just yet. Well, he did want kids at first but now I think he has changed his mind - albeit temporarily. Yesterday, before I went to work, we saw our neighbor with his baby out in the balcony. She was born 3 months ago and we couldn't help but play with her for a few minutes. She is just so cute! Her name's Francesca. I think we're really lucky to have neighbors like them. They are very nice and they always give little gifts such as food. We do try to return the favor and this time, I think we should look for baby gifts that would suit Francesca. I am sure everyone would appreciate that. And while we're at it (looking for baby gifts) I am sure we'll find something for Sam as well.

Won't Back Down

"Hey baby, there's no easy way out...I'll stand my ground...and I won't back down..." I'm here in the living room listening to tunes on Jethro while Jer is out chatting with our neighbor. Tom Petty just came on and I realized that I am feeling quite good. The past months have been tough in many aspects, both professional and personal. I do realize, though, that whatever happens really depends on your perspective in life. Yup, Tom Petty's right. There's no easy way out in this life but if you stand your ground, you'll be alright. I'll be alright.

July 4th at Home

I know that Jerry misses some things from the US even if he does not really complain much about these things. That's why we were supposed to go to an "American" restaurant tonight. The rain changed our minds about going to Makati, though. For sure, the cab drivers would be even more difficult than usual. Anyhow, we decided to have pizza and pasta at home. We just called a Veneto and had them deliver the food. We laid out his table out on the balcony (Jer's Place we call it) and hung out. Our neighbor, Jeremiah hung out with us for a while also. We had no fireworks but the food was good! Baconcheeseburger pizza Lasagna - the cheese is awesome! Jer taking a big bite Happy Fourth of July! (I didn't realize that I was still wearing my office ID - talk about loyalty.)

NEO eXplore - A New Toy?

I posted something on NEO laptops a couple of weeks ago and how I was considering buying one. I changed my mind (thanks to my bosses who presented very convincing arguments on why I shouldn't buy one). The other day, though, the NEO girl was back at the office and one of the products caught my eye. It is dubbed the NEO eXplore (what's up with the small e and capital X?) and it is being considered by some as a competitor to the Asus EEE PC. What I have really been wanting is a small laptop that I can carry around wherever I go. I am not looking for the highest specs (yeah, this is going against my nature) - all I want is something that will connect to the Internet and let me work on my blog and writing jobs wherever I go. The advantages of the eXplore? It's small and the casing looks tough enough. It comes preloaded with Windows XP and it has a 30G HDD. The disadvantages? It looks too cute. Unlike the EEE PC, the eXplore looks as if it were made for a child. It also

Some Thoughts on E-mails and Letters

I have always loved writing since I was a child. I think I had a couple of pen pals when I was in grade school and we wrote each other up until I was in high school. I loved it when I had lots of clean sheet of paper and a nice pen - I just could not stop writing. I still remember being all excited about going to the book store to buy a new pen. Back then, Papermate pens were the in thing. (By the way, there are still Papermate pens today and you would be amazed at how high tech they have become. Imagine having a pen, a pencil, and a PDA stylus all in one thingy!) Anyway, I was reminded of the whole writing on paper thing because of the slew of e-mails that I have to write every day. I still like writing but I rarely do it on paper these days. For one, it takes forever for letters to get to their destination. E-mails, on the other hand, get there almost instantly. I wonder if we will ever go back to the old ways?