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I'm Not Ready to be a Parent

When I was a teenager, I had clear plans for my life - grand plans, I must say. I was going to get my degree by the time I was 21. Then I was going to work for a big technology company. I was going to get married a couple of years after that and I was going to have my first child by the time I was 25 (26 at the latest). Little did I know that life has a way of making your plans go awry. Little did I know that I would change that much and go in a totally different direction. I finally got my degree when I was 25. I never worked as an engineer. My first job was teaching English and my current job is still in this field. At 25, getting married was the furthest thing from my mind. The greatest realization, perhaps, is that I do not want to have kids. Oh, I love kids. You can see from my posts how much time I have been spending with Silas, Sam, and Gio these past few weeks. I love being with them and taking care of them. But I do not think I can take on the responsibility of ha

Of Discipline

Leaving the mall on a Friday night - a payday Friday - is one of the worst situations you can be in in Manila. You won't believe just how difficult it could be until you find yourself waiting for a cab for hours. There are many factors that make it such a hideous thing: 1. The sheer number of people waiting for cabs makes the wait a long one. 2. Many cab drivers have their own issues: -They pick destinations they will take passengers to. -They do not want to use their meters. -They want passengers to add to the meter fare. All of these are, of course, not legal but it doesn't stop them! 3. The mall has designated taxi bays. The idea is for people to line up properly and wait for their turn. More so, this practice should force taxi drivers to go into the taxi bays and NOT be able to do the three things mentioned above. What really bugged me tonight was the fact that people were doing this right under the noses of the mall's security people! I tried ignoring it for

SPURS Hanging on by the Skin of Their Teeth: Game 5

Halfway through the first quarter and the Spurs are doing a decent job - they're even up by 3. The question is: will Manu deliver tonight? Will the Spurs have enough strength and will to get past this game even if Manu doesn't play well? This could very well be their last game for the season! [UPDATE] End of 1st quarter - Manu just made a 3-pointer! The Lakers do not seem to be doing well and we're up by 13. Let's hope that this momentum will last for the next 3 quarters. [UPDATE] Start of 3rd quarter and Manu is starting to show the signs of the "old" Manu...perhaps Justin is right. He made a bold prediction after that awful loss last time: The Spurs will win Game 5. [UPDATE] And the famed Spurs drought is happening again - without Kobe, without Gasol. I don't understand!!! Can someone enlighten me? [UPDATE] LA 64-SA 63. The Spurs were up there. This is reminiscent of Game 1. We do have a game still, though. If only the Spurs can hold on..

Are We Being Materialistic?

Even when I was a teenager, I used to sometimes think that I got too attached to my material possessions - as few and as invaluable they were. Today, as I found myself thinking about wanting to buy all sorts of things (yet again) I got to thinking about materialism. Merriam-Webster defines materialism as: a preoccupation with or stress upon material rather than intellectual or spiritual things. Being materialistic, then, is having the quality of being preoccupied (let's say obsessed?) with "worldly" possessions. It seems to me that I have this tendency to want many things - maybe some of them are needs while others are wants. Let me think aloud here: -a new laptop -an iPod Touch -a Sony camera -an iPhone -a new watch for Jerry -an HD TV (probably for Jerry again) -a new L-shaped sofa I think I'll stop here. I think that out of the 7, only one is a real need - the watch. I was looking at watches online because Jerry's watch has broken down. He is

15 Ways to Make ME Happy

So you're in a relationship and your partner starts nagging. She tells you that you just don't understand her, and that she really wishes that you would just do more "little things." That's how David Wygant over at Yahoo started his article " 15 Ways to Keep Your Partner Happy. " From the get go, I knew that it was going to be a good read! He went on to say: It's not the big things that make her happy; it's paying attention to the little details and showing you care that is really meaningful. She doesn't necessarily need lavish gifts -- she needs to know you're thinking about her. I checked the author again - maybe I was mistaken, maybe the author is a woman. But no, the author of this wonderful article is very much a man. The next step? I sent the article to Jer. His reply? You are a dork but I'll read it anyway. A few minutes later, he sends me a message: Number 7 NEVER. (Number 7 reads: Let her have control of the