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How Do You Bond?

Jer and I spent all weekend finishing the second season of Dexter . Once we finished that, we spent time playing - he played on his PS3, I played on my laptop. It just made me wonder, is this how normal couples "bond"? We haven't spent a lot of time together lately, because of work. When we do, we most often sit in the living room watching TV shows or playing with our own "toys." We do have our date night - it used to be every Friday night but since he started working nights, we haven't had the chance to go out. Is this weird or what? I wonder how other couples bond? (By the way, Dexter rocks! I can't wait for the 3rd season. Maybe I'll post something on this series soon.)

Blogging Crossroad

I started this blog for myself. I have always loved writing and for 3 years (roundabouts) now, I have been working as a freelance writer and maintaining a lot of blogs - all of which are not really mine. When I started this blog in August last year, I was near burning out, I think. I had a lot on my plate - both at work and at home - and sometimes, I thought that I could not handle things anymore. Then I remembered how I made myself feel better as a teenager. I'd take a sheet or two of yellow pad and I would write down my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, I kept the sheets. Sometimes, I'd throw them away. The results were the same - I'd feel much better after letting out my emotions. So why not make use of the technology that I use for a living to make my life easier to deal with? It worked - to a certain extent. Writing on paper is one thing - blogging and publishing your thoughts for the world to see is something else. I realize now that I am not quite ready

Is This Me?

Livi sent me a link for personality quiz.  Here are my results: Is this really me?

I Got A Free Egg Cooker!

Who would have thought that there was such a thing as an egg cooker? Apparently, it makes one's life so much easier if you had one! We bought an AC last Saturday and the store had a promo wherein Metrobank card holders get to pick an instant prize for a minimum purchase of 15000. So there I was waiting for the purchase to be processed when I was asked to pick a prize from a box - I got an egg cooker. It can cook up to 7 eggs at a time and cleaning is a breeze! ;) I don't know when I'll get to use it but it was still fun getting a prize.

Saturday Shopping

I've never been one to shop.  In fact, I think it is one of those weird things about me.  I don't like going out.  I don't like going to the mall.  That is yesterday was one of the longest days of my life - we went to 4 malls in one day!  I also ended up spending a lot of money, which I didn't really want to do but I think it was worth it. Jer and I bought some personal effects - bags, clothes, etc. and he got a couple of PS3 games.  That was the pampering part - the other part of the day was that we spent some more time with Mom and Dad and Silas and Sam.  We had dinner at Cabalen (Trinoma) - Dad has been wanting to eat there for months.  Sadly, the buffet was less than mediocre.  The food was cold and Dad's cooking is way better than their fare. Anyhow, it was still a good time.  The AC is installed now, we got our stuff, and it's back to work this week.