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Where To Watch NBA Games Live

Since the NBA Playoffs started, I haven't had the chance to watch the games live on TV. Well, until now. I tried to look for the basketball channel on my local cable provider, but it didn't seem to be there. So I turned to the next best thing - the Internet.
Do a search on Google for "watch NBA games live streaming" and you'll get a lot of results. I usually key in "Spurs [opponent name] game number" and that does the trick. So far, I have used two site that never fail: and
My only problem is that my broadband provider loves to act up. Like today, I was painstakingly watching Game 2 of the Suns versus Spurs series, and the connection just made the game all the more painful for me. For some reason, the feed would freeze at crucial moments! Game tied at 51, a Spurs guy shoots, the ball is in mid-air. FREEZE.
The funny thing is this: as the 4th quarter started, a colleague sent me a message telling me in which channel they…

Thursday Blues

I have the blues. It started yesterday, for no apparent reason. I should have had a great day at home because it was a holiday but for some reason, I just felt restless.

Maybe it's because I didn't get much writing done. Maybe it's because my wireless connection keeps dropping. I think it's the WLAN driver on Koryu but it could be that my Linksys router is acting up. It could also be my Internet connection (but no problems with the hardwired PC, so I don't know about that). Maybe it's because I have to travel down south (at least an hour each way) today when I do not want to go out of the house....

Destiny Cable Internet Good So Far

FINALLY. After waiting for 4 months, I now have wired connection at home. The admin people in the building told us that some tenants have moved out, leaving open ports. I guess we have been bugging them long enough that they put us on the priority list.

Today, the Destiny Internet guys came over to hook us up, and boy, am I glad! Not that I had any real problems with Sun, but the wireless thing just didn't cut it. Nothing beats having wired (stable) connection.

My only beef is that the techs wouldn't help with the router set up - AT ALL. Lucky for me, a good Samaritan helped me out and I was able to configure my wireless router so that I can enjoy the Koryu on the couch (yeah, 3 meters away from the modem). First 12 hours good so far...speed test results below from
Pretty good, yes?

Sun Wireless Broadband

Time to be geeky. I finally got tired of having to reload Monnette's SmartBro Prepaid thingie all the time. I borrowed it off her, thinking that I would only have to wait a week or so for my Destiny cable internet, which is the ONLY ISP they allow in the building. Unfortunately, Destiny is having some "facilities problem" in our building and they are not hooking up new connections. And nope, they can't tell us when they will have the issues fixed. So why the heck are they locking the ENTIRE building to their sucky service?

Anyhow, SmartBro works alright every so often. The thing is, I end up spending so much money on loading it up. So I decided to look around and I found Sun's postpaid service, which is unlimited. Lucky for me, I discovered a neighbor who handles some agents for this service, and they got it hooked up within ONE day. Excellent service, I have to say.

My only problem now is that we live up high, literally. According to the agent, Sun's…

Good Things About NOT Having Broadband at Home

This is probably going to be a very short list, but let me try anyway.

1. I have more time to sleep. While I should really be up and working, at least I find more time to get some rest.

2. I organize my work schedule better. Since I am using a mobile prepaid connection, I want to make the most out of the time I am connected. This means that I gather all the information I need for my articles, disconnect, and write "in peace." That is, I write without the usual distractions of Facebook and IM.

3. I spend less time on planning weekend getaways that we probably would end up not going to. While I would like to go away every weekend, it simply is not possible. I normally compensate for this by planning trips that are not really possible - call it my travel "window shopping." Without broadband, at least I only plan trips that are actually feasible.

I told you this was going to be a very short list...I really cannot think of any other advantage of NOT having broadb…

Globe DSL Slowdown

My Globe DSL suddenly slowed down last night. It happens once in a while, but only for short periods of time. When I logged on about an hour ago, though, nothing had changed. It takes several minutes for some pages to fully load and it is bugging the crap out of me.

Is anyone else on Globe experiencing this? I can still browse and work but it is taking up my time. I should probably call their hotline but I am not in the mood to be given the runaround, which almost always is the case.

Oh well, this is better than no Internet at all, right?

I'm On a High

Yep, I am definitely on a high. We set out to do 4 things today.
Get approved for a Globe landline and Internet connection bundle.Get my NBI clearance renewed.Go to UP to get some things done.
Maybe get a new toy.I got 3 out of 4 PLUS we got to visit Sam.

We weren't able to go to UP because we ran out of time. It took us several hours to get the Globe thing done, not to mention the NBI clearance. After that, we just went around Megamall looking for my new toy. Unfortunately, we didn't find any. They all had Acer Aspire One units and Asus Eee PCs.

So off we went to SM North, meaning to look around and then visit Sam. We found ONE unit of the MSI Wind at this litte store called Micro Station. They had it for 0 percent interest on my card for 6 months! Needless to say, I just had to get it.

Here's my new baby (which, by the way, I am using to write this post).
At the store
Her box
At home

I have decided to name her Koryu, this little dragon from the anime Inuyasha. It is also…

Smart Bro Woes

I was planning on working for a couple more hours but the speed of my Internet is just not making it possible. I am getting some work done but at a pace that is just making me irritable. I would be better off getting some sleep. BUT before that, let me let off steam...

There is no excuse for rudeness. I wonder if that guy from Smart Bro knows all about customer service.

You see, we have been having problems with our connection for 2 or 3 weeks now. I have called several times to complain but it was only last Wednesday that someone actually came over to fix things. Unfortunately, they did not do any good. True, they changed the antenna. They said they increased the parameters gave me all that technical drivel but the fact is that the we still have to wait several minutes for a single page to load!

So the technicians called the RG office of Smart Bro - whatever that means. Unknown to the guy they were talking to, he was on loud speaker and I could hear every word that he was sayin…