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Digital Walker Eastwood Has a Big Sale Going On

Yesterday, in a quest for normalcy, I went out of my way (literally) to work in a different setting. It did work to a certain degree, and in the evening, we went around to visit old hunting grounds. We regularly visit hardware and supply stores - it's therapeutic in its own way, and although you can do so from the comforts of home, like browsing through  reid supply website , there is something about sneaking in 30 minutes or so at the local hardware as well. If you're a tech head, though, and you are a sucker for sales, better head over to Digital Walker in Eastwood City. They're one of our go-to stores for iPhone/iPad accessories, and they have regular sales, but the one they're having right now is HUGE. Take this iPhone 4/4S Peanuts case. It's not one of those Chinese knockoffs, and it usually costs PHP 1,250, but I got it for PHP 100!

So That's What a Nice TV Can Do

While I like shiny gadgets just as much as the next person - okay maybe a little bit more than the next person - I never really saw the "need" for a nice TV. When I say nice, I mean the huge a&$ HD flat screens. I know they look nice, but I didn't really appreciate what they could do. Until yesterday. We watched Hellboy II, which I have seen several times on a "normal" TV. Yesterday, though, I totally appreciated the difference. Hard to explain, but let's just say I am convinced about LCD TVs, especially if you like watching movies. Of course, a nice set of home audio speakers will complete the whole set up. Oooh wait...I am a hobo, and hobos don't get to have these pretty things. :(

e-book Readers: Obsessing Again?

I have this bad habit of obsessing over toys. I really try to stop myself, but once it starts, it is very hard to control it. It wouldn't be so bad if the toys I end up obsessing about were mere trifles. Unfortunately, unless I had tons of cyberpowerpc coupons , I would never really be able to afford a lot of my obsessions. Recently, I posted about the Kindle. I NEED an e-book reader. Of course, there is the Nook as well as other readers. THEN there's the iPad. Common sense tells me that the iPad should be out of the picture since it is way beyond my budget. A girl is free to dream, right?e

Technology Makes You Dumb

Don't get me wrong - I am a self-proclaimed technophile. Anyone who knows me the slightest bit will also know how easily I get fascinated with electronics and anything technology-related. I guess I am wired that way. However, I cannot discount the fact many of us tend to become too reliable on technology. I just read this news story about a woman from Utah who is suing Google because she stepped onto the middle of a highway as she was (presumably) following the instructions on Google Maps. She got hit by a car - yeah that tends to happen if you stand in the middle of a highway! As much as I love Google Maps, I think I'll realize that I am getting the wrong directions (or at least that something is not quite right) if I suddenly see a highway. Over dependence on technology can harm you in other ways. Just the other day, I was sitting at Krispy Kreme enjoying my coffee. I almost burst my seams laughing when this woman stepped off the escalator, walked in a semi-straight

Below Average EQ

I don't remember if I wrote about this in December, but it just entered my mind again. One day, my friends and I at work decided to take the EQ test just to see how we fared. I honestly thought that I would score pretty well but apparently, I thought wrong. Among all the people who took the test, I was the only one who got a below average EQ ! Go figure! I was the only one who didn't open gifts till Christmas Eve!!! Anyhow, the reason I thought about this test is that when I woke up this morning, I realized that I have been following some of my resolutions for the year. Granted it's only been a month; still, I think that I am doing pretty well. Let me gloat for a bit... I have been avoiding major purchases - no new camcorder , no new laptop, no new phone! That last bit is actually NOT fulfilling a promise to myself - I promised to get an iPhone but managed to hold off on the purchase yet again. I guess my below average EQ is at work for I have opted to pay towar

Home TV Shopping

I'm not referring to the TV channel that you end up watching even if you have no intentions of buying anything they are selling. Believe it or not, I am actually considering buying a new TV at the end of the month. I rarely watch TV. I do use it to watch series and movies every now and then. I also need it for playing Wii games. So any TV would do, right? The other week, though I was at the mall and saw a huge sale at this appliance store, and they had all sorts of LCD TVs on sale. I am currently choosing between a Samsung HDTV and an LG HDTV. I would get a Sony Bravia if I could but the price is just way out of my range. I don't much about TVs - but I know that whatever I get is going to kick some butt! Oh, and the "free" home entertainment system that comes with some of the models is going to make me oh so happy!!!

MSI Wind Free Upgrade to 6-Cell Battery?

I love Koryu ( my MSI Wind U100 ) and I really have no issues with her. In fact, when my friend Lenna asked for some info on what laptop to buy last week, I had no qualms about telling her to get the Wind. When I met up with her tonight, I was thrilled to see her new Wind - Koryu's white (literally) sister. I guess we made a funny sight at Starbucks...two women taking out their tiny netbooks from their bags...identical except for the color. Anyhow, she told me that she bought it with the standard 3-cell battery. However, MSI has a promo right now and she was able to exchange the 3-cell battery for a new 6-cell battery. Now why would I want that? Getting a 6-cell battery would almost double Koryu's weight. Then again, getting that battery would more than double the battery life! Right now, I can use Koryu for 1 hour and a half without having to plug her in. With the 6-cell battery, I can - supposedly - use her for 5 hours! That in itself is worth the extra pound, I t

Trip to the Doctor, New Baby, and the Baconator Challenge

It's not what you're thinking. Allegations that I am in the family way have been flying around like anything, but I am NOT - just checked the other day. Anyhow, you know how Jethro (our PS3) conked out on us...we took him to the doc (Datablitz Megamall) yesterday for a check up. They're sending it to their tech guys and we won't be hearing anything till Tuesday. Naturally, that left us in a really dark mood. Oh, and right before we left the house, we discovered that Jerry's new phone was missing. We're unsure as to where it is but the consensus is that it somehow got lifted off the store again. Go figure. They say bad things come in threes - at least we're done: One, the lamp exploded. Two, Jethro conked out. Three, phone is gone. Going back to yesterday, we decided to lift our spirits by taking on the Baconator challenge at Wendy's. So what was it like? It was big - as you can see - but I have to say that it is not extraordinary. It taste

Mercury's On My Case

Despite my posts on Mercury going on retrograde and all that stuff, I do not really worry myself about these things. However, it seems that the universe is trying to tell me something - or maybe, I am just putting too much meaning in things. Anyhow, I couldn't sleep last night (insomnia is back I think) and just when I was finally drifting off sometime past 3 am, I heard a crash and lots of cursing from Jerry. Apparently, he was going to the loo and turned our globe light on (it's incandescent, see the post on lights here ) and it just exploded! Remember, Mercury in retrograde is supposed to play around with everything electrical? With all the electric/electronic stuff we have, that is a scary thought! Even every day things like the light, the exit sign, heck maybe even the toaster are prone. Needless to say, I am not repairing anything till this is all over.

I Was Not Even Tempted

I am proud of myself! I am usually tightfisted when it comes to money but when I see gadgets and I like them, I find myself getting obsessed until I get myself one. Earlier today, the talk at the office was about the new netbook that Lenovo has released recently. I have to say that I was not even tempted! I looked, that is true, but just out of curiosity. I guess that I am content with Koryu. I am not even tempted to look around for another netbook - maybe not in the next year or two. Perhaps I will make some improvements such as add system memory but that's about it.