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How SMART Customer Service and Its "Retention Program" Lost a Subscriber


That's how I felt after a harrowing experience with Smart.

It's ironic if you think about it. Their Twitter handle is @SMARTcares. Even a 2-year-old would know it implies that SMART cares.

But, whom does SMART care for? Its customers or itself?

This is the story of how SMART lost me as a subscriber. A subscriber who very much wanted to continue using SmartBro.

WARNING: Long story in spite me saying I am stupefied (which I still am, actually)


Patience is a virtue that I really have to develop. Even as a kid, I had never been one to sit back and wait patiently. Now that I am an adult, I think that I have learned to be more patient in certain things. But when it comes to gadgets and toys, I still find myself fidgeting a lot until I get what I want. As the girls at work say - I have no EQ when it comes to these things.

What am I fidgeting about now? Koryu. I want to find out whether or not I can get that free MSI Wind battery upgrade. Also, last night, I noticed some discoloration on the screen. It's very slight but it is bothering me so much. I need to get in touch with MSI but it's Saturday. I wish they had a 24/7 toll free number that I could call!

Anyhow, does anyone know anything about color calibration of an LCD monitor? I am hoping it's just that and nothing serious.

Smart Bro Woes

I was planning on working for a couple more hours but the speed of my Internet is just not making it possible. I am getting some work done but at a pace that is just making me irritable. I would be better off getting some sleep. BUT before that, let me let off steam...

There is no excuse for rudeness. I wonder if that guy from Smart Bro knows all about customer service.

You see, we have been having problems with our connection for 2 or 3 weeks now. I have called several times to complain but it was only last Wednesday that someone actually came over to fix things. Unfortunately, they did not do any good. True, they changed the antenna. They said they increased the parameters gave me all that technical drivel but the fact is that the we still have to wait several minutes for a single page to load!

So the technicians called the RG office of Smart Bro - whatever that means. Unknown to the guy they were talking to, he was on loud speaker and I could hear every word that he was sayin…