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Breakthrough in Iloilo

Breakthrough is one of the best seafood restaurants in Iloilo City. Prior to my experience at Buto't Balat, Breakthrough was my favorite place to eat in this city. Needless to say, I had to go out of my way to pay Breakthrough a visit. It is a bit farther from the city center than other popular restaurants, but a lot of people still go there because of the fresh seafood. At Breakthrough, you can pick out live crab, lobster, shrimp, and fish. The kitchen will then cook your choices the way you want. Those are the tanks where the crab and lobster are kept. I really wanted some crab that evening, but we decided to go for the lobster. While it was good, I can't shake off the feeling that we were somewhat ripped off. The lobster was medium-sized but cost an arm and a leg! But, when seafood calls, you can't help but heed it. ;) The lobster in chili sauce. For PHP2000++, it was rather pricey. The price of the fresh oysters also made my heart jump, but in a good way. PH

Iloilo City Eats: Nes and Tats

Iloilo City in Western Visayas has always been one of my favorite cities in the Philippines - not that I have been to that many. Still, this place seems to have a certain charm that I cannot resist. So, after a couple of years, I find myself back in Iloilo. For the first night, I decided to try out a "new" restaurant that a friend recommended: Nes and Tats. Their specialties are chicken and seafood - a combination that never goes wrong with me. I also did another first - walk the streets of the city! I may not have been wearing super shoes, but I managed. It wasn't that long of a walk and the night air was very pleasant anyway. Back to Nes and Tats...I have to be honest and say that it was disappointing. One of the things that I love about Iloilo is the food. However, Nes and Tats was just - ordinary. I suppose I could have chosen better dishes, but what I had was not enough to convince me to go back for another try. Picture time...Here's the sign of t