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Thinking "Turbo"

In my attempt to try new things in the kitchen, I think I shall buy a Turbo Oven. This nifty appliance is similar to a convection oven and yet not exactly the same. According to Amabel, though, you can do everything in a Turbo Oven. I am not quite sure about that as my experiences with this device are limited to the times when my dad would "turbo" (in the Philippines, this is commonly used as a verb) a whole chicken. The last time this happened was ... I don't remember exactly. I think that he even tried chopped up turkey one time. I can distinctly remember the crunch of the crispy skin as I munched on it. The meat, if I am not mistaken, was very flavorful and reasonably juicy. Anyway, back to the present day...I am thinking of getting my own Turbo Oven pretty soon. It should make things easier - marinate and "turbo." It will also give us more options as to the dishes that we eat. You may be thinking, why not get a "real" oven? My budget

In Desperate Need of New Recipes

I am in dire need of help. I need to expand my recipe bank and try out new dishes that I can make every day. What brought this on? Let's just say that a certain someone seems to be getting tired of the same old pork and beef dishes that I have been making. I try to rotate the few recipes that I know how to make. I even try to make up new ones. Unfortunately, I am very much limited by time and the fact that someone is a very picky eater . I can only use potatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower. Fried is always a hit but it gets old and is not really healthy. I can always NOT cook but I can just imagine McDonald's coming in everyday and our expenses going up even more...HELP!!!

Does My Floor Have to Look So Bare?

I am no good at design at all. When we decided to move to our shoebox, we were initially hellbent on making an effort to pay attention to the aesthetics. We were not able to follow up on it, though. Last night, when we arrived from our trip, I was suddenly surprised to notice how bare our living room floor looked - no Rugs , nothing. I don't know why, after a year of living here, I had to notice that last night. So here I am thinking of ways to spruce up the house and looking for a nice rug to add to the living room. I stumbled upon a site called Superior Rugs. They have a very nice collection of Area Rugs which would do very well for our house. What I like about this online rug store is that their interface is well designed to make it easy for customers to search through their extensive collection. For example, you can browse the rugs based on the size, shape, or color. If you do not have an idea of what you are looking for, you can just look at their section of recomme

Cooking Lesson for the Day

DO NOT COOK WHEN YOU ARE VERY HUNGRY. Or maybe, don't wait till you are starving to start cooking. I could come up with many reasons for this. One of the most important reasons is this: you will probably be shaking and end up cutting yourself. Yup, it is almost 4 pm and I just started cooking lunch. Unfortunately, I needed to peel and cut up some baby carrots. I almost ended up with sliced fingers as well - not to mention that I am so hungry I could eat everything that I have prepared, with nothing left for Jer. So again, cook before you find yourself in that situation - shaky knees and hands and a voracious appetite.

For Want of Better Home Lighting

When we first moved into our shoebox, we were actually delighted at how the apartment was constructed despite its size. The electrical outlets were placed in very convenient places and they accept both round and flat plugs. Exhaust fans were place in necessary places as well. The ceiling lights were not extraordinary but they worked fine. A month or so later, though, the lights started becoming funky. It seems that they used some kind of electrical ballast from Japan and they wore out easily. We have replaced most of our lights and now, more than a year later, the dining room light is busted again. I think I want to buy my own fixtures this time, instead of getting one from the landlord. I actually want one of those lighting fixtures with ceiling fans attached to them. That way, we wouldn't need to keep moving the desk fans around. This site, Farreys, specializes in home fixtures such as craftmade fans , which I think would be perfect as our apartment is quite small and

Our Tiny Shoebox

When we decided to move to our current apartment, we called it our tiny shoebox. It is a very apt name, actually. The apartment is rectangular and is quite small, especially compared to the condo we used to live in. We were able to make do, however, and our things fit. A year later, it seems that we are running out of space. I am planning to buy an oven but there is nowhere to put it. We got that TV from Earl and we wanted to put it in the bedroom but there really is no space. I might have found a solution for the TV, though. I found a web site offering a tv lift cabinet that is so thin that it just might fit at the foot of our bed. It will still be a tight fit but this is the best solution that I have seen so far. Any other ideas?

Someone Glued the Scissors "Shut"

We have this really nice pair of kitchen scissors that my mom gave to us. Yesterday, I was making dinner and need to use the scissors when I got stumped - they wouldn't "open." I thought that maybe I was just feeling weak, so I tried again - harder. They still wouldn't budge! I hesitantly called in reinforcements...The hubby tried once and then suddenly burst out laughing. "I think I glued them shut because I cut the tip of the Super Glue to fix the fan and I didn't clean up...I'll figure out how to fix it." All the while laughing at the whole situation. Despite my mood, I found myself laughing at him. I guess if there is one thing I can say about him, he can make me laugh despite everything that has been happening. That is a good thing, isn't it?

Am I a Nag?

I honestly don't think I am but I have heard it said (by a certain person I am not naming) several times. I found this quiz from Miss Zoot and I thought that I'd take it and see for myself. 1. Have you told your husband that you wished he made more money? No. 2. Do you frequently remind your husband to pick up after himself? Yes. Wouldn't you if you found 3 shirts in the living room, 2 pairs of shorts on the bedroom floor, etc.? 3. Do you dislike your husband’s family or close friends and tell him about it? No. 4. Do you frequently criticize your husband for his bad habits? No. I may tell him how I feel about certain habits but I do not criticize. 5. Do you contradict your husband in front of the children or your friends? Yes. I think it's one of my weak points - not believing others easily. 6. When you and your husband are with others, do you ever “joke” about him being less than romantic? No. 7. Do you tell your husband that he rarely lifts a hand to help y

Struggling with the Budget

When we decided to come up with a budget and implement it, we knew that it would not be an easy thing. However, I didn't really realize how hard it can be. It seems to me that the moment we came up with the budget, extra expenses just started pouring in! I am not blaming anyone - it is all my responsibility. I might as well pay for what needs to be paid for and get it over with. Some examples...Dad has been on a home improvement streak - roof repairs, fence installation , and the like. These things are totally reasonable - they are needs, in fact. How about this - I ordered a skin for Koryu and made a mess of the measurements and now I had to order a new one. Kinda stupid, no? This budget thing is hard!!!

Homemaking Headaches

I never really realized how much of a headache maintaining a home or apartment could be. As a child, when problems such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and the like arose, my dad would take care of everything in a flash. As such I do not really recall having to deal with these kinds of inconveniences all that much. Since I started living in apartments, though, I have had more than my share of clogged sinks, toilets, and busted lighting fixtures. This week doesn't seem to be my week. Our kitchen sink got clogged up on Monday so I poured some liquid into it. It was supposed to melt whatever was clogging the pipes. Unfortunately, it also melted the aluminum tube! Our maintenance guy replaced it immediately but it seems that the sealant he used did not work so the sink is now leaking AND is still clogged. How can that be? Apparently, they constructed the sinks in our apartment and the adjacent one in such a manner that the pipes are connected. Now, our next door neighbors have a

Let Me Take the Trash Down

Don't get me wrong - I am not complaining BUT I am thinking that aliens had abducted my husband and substituted someone else that looks like him. Now why do I say this? Let me see... One, I have not had to do the dishes for a WHOLE WEEK. (This is normally Jer's task but I usually end up doing them anyway because he hates doing the dishes. Since I went to the doctor last week to get her to remove *something* from my finger, though, Jer has been so diligent in doing the dishes. I'm not saying that he has not complained - boy, he HAS complained a lot - but he gets the job done.) Two, Jer was on his way downstairs to get cigarettes a few minutes ago and he was at the door when he did an about face and mumbled, "Oh wait, let me take the trash down!" (Again, this is his task but I normally have to remind him.) Three, Jer actually took the mop and cleaned up the floor a bit. (I think this is the third time he has touched that mop!) That shot up there - it's blurr

Men and Empty Containers

What is it with men and empty containers IN THE FRIDGE? I have come to terms with empty containers not being refilled at home. After all, I do have the tendency not to immediately refill them when I am not in the mood. What I don't get is when I see empty containers INSIDE the fridge. What's up with that? This happened quite some time ago but I still get all cracked up thinking about it. I got home late at night really thirsty so I headed straight to the fridge to get some cold water. What was waiting for me? Empty water containers. Oh, they were ice cold. But they were empty. Jerry's rationale? At least they're cold and when you put water, it will get colder faster. REALLY? The empty container Another incident. Earl ate the pasta I brought to work (which was in a Tupperware) for dinner. The next day, I asked for the Tupperware. Earl: "It's in the fridge." Me: "You didn't eat it?" Earl: "Oh no, it's empty. I just di

Moving Houses

My friend Ren is thinking about moving to another condo when their current contract expires in a couple of months. They just moved in to their current place last year - roundabouts the same time as we did. It got me thinking, do I want to move again? Now that I think about it, I have moved 6 times in the past 8 years. The first 4 moves were easy because I shared apartments with college friends and I didn't really have too many things. The last 2 were awful because by that time, I had collected some furniture and household appliances. Moving isn't easy. The last time we moved, it took me days of packing and buying moving boxes to put all our stuff in. Luckily we had our maid to help us then. Now, we are on our own and I don't know if I can handle all that. I wish we had a moving service here in the Philippines like Discover Boxes. They operate in the States and they provide all sorts of supplies for moving. Having access to their services would surely make thing

Herbie Might Be In Trouble

You probably know by now that our appliances have names. Herbie's our a/c. I wrote about the typhoon last night and my worry that the strong gusts of wind would make him fall off the brackets. Luckily, the brackets stayed intact. Unfortunately, Herbie seems to be having some problems. I am not sure yet but the room does not seem to cool down as well as it used to. I tried it earlier and the a/c compressor didn't seem to be kicking in. Herbie's still new but is it time to have him checked out? I hope not.

Thinking of Our Own House

Yesterday, Livi was talking about moving to their own house pretty soon. They have been working on that house for about a year now, I think, and they didn't seem to have solid plans of moving in anytime soon - at least until yesterday. Anyhow, that got me thinking. We've been renting since we got married. I know that in the future, I would like to own a house - not a condo, not an apartment. I want a medium-sized house that I could call home. I want a yard where the kids can play and where the dogs can run. I want at least 2 bathrooms. I want my own office or library. I want a very nice kitchen. I want a patio with teak patio furniture . The ideal place would be in an island, within easy access to the beach front. Yes I am dreaming right now but who knows? Maybe someday (soon I hope!) I'll have what I want.

Hiding from Daylight

Saturdays have always been busy for me - not unlike my weekdays. The main difference is that I normally stay at home. Today has been quite different. For some reason, I just could not muster much motivation to work. Oh, I tried. I stared at my computer screen for hours. I even planned on going out for a bit to get my blood going but to no avail. Today, my bedroom was my world. It was not all that unproductive, though. For one, I was able to catch up on some reading. Another thing I realized is that my bedroom is quite bare. At one point, I found myself staring at nothing but white walls, the white cabinets, and the white ceiling. The room is screaming for decorations. Perhaps I can start with a simple sconce for the wall. Anyhow, it is almost midnight and my lethargy is starting to fade - I think.

No, It's Not A Clothes Hanger

Jer said it over and over again when I first decided to buy the bike - you are going to end up wasting your money. I was determined to prove him wrong. My determination lasted a month. Now you can see that he has a new place to hang his dirty shirts. At least I don't see that many shirts on the floor anymore! (To be fair to him that blue towel is mine!)

It's Not A Pigsty Anymore!

"Our house is like a pigsty!" That's what I told Jer the other night when I learned that he did not take the trash down - again. There are days when I can handle most of the things at home. Then there are days when I feel the need to throw things around because of frustration. Neither of us is the neatest person in the world. We both work full time and we don't have much time to spend on cleaning up. In the past 2 months, I think we've tried cleaning up twice - with me ending up with majority of the work. This past week, I decided to do something about it. I had had enough of it! Nope, I didn't clean - I looked for a cleaning lady who would come in once a week for the day. It was her first day today and boy, is she good! I feel so much better now.