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The Only Coffee Guide You'll Need

Well not really. This is probably not the most accurate guide to coffee drinks you'll find, but it still is something to perk you up on a Monday.

So what is your drink of choice? I normally go for an Americano, but a cappuccino or latte is just as welcome. Without a doubt, though, the Irish coffee icon is the best!


Last Night and The Distillery

Another delayed posting, brought to you by sometimes Miss Procrastinator. Just a handful of photos from my last night at the condo and the surrounding areas.

Even though I wasn't totally done packing, I just couldn't say no to Angelique, who wanted to go to the newly opened Distillery. What we didn't count on was that they were still CLOSED. Apparently, it was just a "soft opening" and they weren't letting customers in yet. Well, these two girls have been trying to get in for a couple of weeks, so guess what happened? They let us in! First customers, woot!
That's their selection of beer - not too impressive, actually, but good enough for the hour or so that we were there.
For some reason, they had mostly Belgian beer. Who were we to say no? After all those calorie-packed bottles, diet pills were on the list of conversation topics! And, we didn't stop there. On the way home, we stumbled upon this.Yup - German beer and sausage stand!
So, one more …

My First Stint as a Ticket Seller

Yup, I have a new job - selling tickets at the gate. Well, it's not exactly stable, but I think I have found one of my callings. ;)

Seriously, I had a great time manning the booth last night at the Lymbyc Systym gig at Club Dredd. I struggled a bit at the beginning - I had to smile and be chatty and all that. PLUS I had to make sure I gave the right amount of change and so on. It wasn't exactly rocket science, but I was apprehensive for a moment there.

It was definitely a good night, all that was missing were the "regulars" and all the crazy talk (how about rv towing and NASCAR? Go figure!).

Take a look at some of my best moments. ;)
See, I was a very friendly ticket seller. Of course, that was one of my friends I was handing the ticket to.
With the Zippo girl and the manager.
Photo op with Jared (?) of Lymbyc Systym. His brother, the other half of the duo disappeared.
With everyone who hung around after the gig.

And there's the thing that made it even more worth …

WANTED: Firebending Master

Yeah, I've been spending too much time watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. In spite of the title of the anime, I found myself hooked on the idea of firebending, and not airbending. I think earthbending is pretty cool, too (and waterbending for that matter); but I guess I just like playing with fire.
Ask my hands - they'll testify to that. Earlier tonight (or last night, actually), I did my first stint as a "ticket seller" - more about this gig in the next post. Anyhow, I got this pretty cool Zippo out of it (plus a couple of beers, wooh!).
In my excitement, I filled the lighter with too much fluid that it spilled all over my hands. If that wasn't stupid enough, I had to immediately light it. That shiny red cross and glittering star was just too much for me to handle, I guess.
You can surmise what happened - the fluid on my hands caught the flames and for a few seconds, my hands were on fire!
Either I was tired or I really am overdosing on Avatar, because I did…

Brownmen and A Little Kid

I had decided on going home that night. Of course, as fate would have it, I ran across Ren 50 steps from the condo. That meant one thing: I had to go out with them.
It was kinda good that I did because we ended up at 70s Bistro again. This time, though, I was very much in control of myself and behaved very well. It helped that we had this cute little girl with us - Chuchay. She's such an angel and we all had good clean fun that night. See, she got me doing all these silly poses:

B52 time, courtesy of GP.
Crappy camera. Good times.
Ah yeah, there was a band - another one from our past: Brownman Revival. Ren and Angelique reminisced big time while watching this guy perform.

It made me realize something: I really am getting old. I never really loved their music, but Thursday night, sitting there, I enjoyed myself. I am mellowing down...

70s Bistro/Handlebar Fun

This week is probably one of the craziest I have had this year. With everything going on, it was inevitable that we found ourselves out last night. I guess we all felt like it was Friday!
Angelique brought us to 70s Bistro - a classic hangout from the good old college days. Even better, one of the guys playing that night was someone we used to watch when we were in school. (Yeah, I had the biggest crush on him.) The combination of the laid back atmosphere, the people, and the buckets of Red Horse got me so buzzed (yeah maybe more drunk than buzzed) that I still cringe when I think of how rowdy I got. I even accidentally broke a bottle!
The players.
Well into the night.
Even later that night..yeah, I can stand on my own!

Here's the best picture of the night:
I think Skye had had enough of my yakking...shouting...God, I am laughing at it now, but it still ranks high up in my list of most embarrassing moments.

Tonight, we went out, this time to Handlebar to watch Tempestuous Jones aga…

Afest 2

It's time that I admit it - I am getting old. Not old old, but old enough to feel kinda dead after four straight nights of going out.

Our friend Joff has this production called Afest (Asian Festival) wherein he brings various indie bands from all over Asia to Manila. I was planning on going for a couple of nights, but this one band really got me hooked.

They're called The Standards, and no one will disagree with me when I say that they are wickedly awesome! They're so good that I even created an account in that social networking site (which I said I wouldn't do, by the way) just so I can listen to their music.
The Standards with some of the team members of the (Training &) Standards Team at work. Nice coincidence, huh?

More photos below. The first couple of sets are plain sucky, because I forgot my Garcia. We had to do with Kvothe, and Nokia phones are just not known for their cameras. One advantage that these photos have - you can't really see all the flaws…

The Geeky Gangsta

Disclaimer: I am NOT describing myself. I don't think I have ever met a person I would describe as GG, but these photos just made me laugh.
Anyway, a certain Kristin Verby had some free time on her hands and starting playing around with a camera and her computer. She came up with concepts for gadgets for the Geeky Gangsta. Here are my personal favorites.

These shoes make the Nike + iPod combination look pathetic. Why would you need a standalone mp3 player when you can have THIS? LOL, I can probably run for miles on the treadmill if I had a pair of these. Then again, I might end up getting killed by the other people at the gym. One question: is the DVD player shockproof?
You do recognize that for what it is, don't you? Someone once told me that the Glock is the best handgun in the world. Well, here's the chance to own the best handgun and use it on a daily basis, too. No need for permits! I seriously want one. Maybe that will entice me to turn the TV on more than…

G.A.P. Night @ Last Home And Karaoke

January's almost over and am I glad! Last week, it seemed like all the stress that has been building up in the past 3 months just got dumped on me. From the moment I woke up (after what little sleep I got) every day to the last minute at the office on Friday, I felt like I was walking on a tightrope.
Thank God for a very relaxing night out. First I went home for a few minutes to see my family before going to Last Home in Mandaluyong. It was G.A.P. Night (Guilty Acoustic Pleasures - tama ba?) and even if I didn't get to see whole set, it was great! Yeah, Kevin Roy sang a lot of emo songs but it was still fun. Here's a video Xavier (Rye!) took.
Awesome, huh? It's awfully dark but the!
What I didn't expect was the karaoke session after. Yeah...Jack and Absolut made me sing - at least that's what I thought it was.

While the boys were singing. She's really feeling it. Last stop: Tsokunut for some hot chocolate. This is where the conversation tur…