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MSI Wind Free Upgrade to 6-Cell Battery?

I love Koryu ( my MSI Wind U100 ) and I really have no issues with her. In fact, when my friend Lenna asked for some info on what laptop to buy last week, I had no qualms about telling her to get the Wind. When I met up with her tonight, I was thrilled to see her new Wind - Koryu's white (literally) sister. I guess we made a funny sight at Starbucks...two women taking out their tiny netbooks from their bags...identical except for the color. Anyhow, she told me that she bought it with the standard 3-cell battery. However, MSI has a promo right now and she was able to exchange the 3-cell battery for a new 6-cell battery. Now why would I want that? Getting a 6-cell battery would almost double Koryu's weight. Then again, getting that battery would more than double the battery life! Right now, I can use Koryu for 1 hour and a half without having to plug her in. With the 6-cell battery, I can - supposedly - use her for 5 hours! That in itself is worth the extra pound, I t

Cebu Pacific "FREE" Tickets Again!

I love this airline!!! I was finishing up some writing assignments before leaving for LB for Christmas Eve when I saw an e-mail from Cebu Pacific - they're giving away FREE tickets again! I was able to get some the first time they did but we weren't able to push through with the trip but this time, I am hell bent on going. It was a bit rough getting the tickets because I wanted to go on my birthday weekend. The site was slow as well - people like me trying to get their tickets, I guess. Anyhow, the result is up there. We're flying to Cebu on my birthday weekend. It isn't totally free - I had to pay about 100 pesos (2 dollars!) but that's still a great deal! Merry Christmas to us! ;)

Cebu Pacific Gives FREE Tickets

I was meaning to write about this but somehow I overlooked it but last week, we received an e-mail alert from Cebu Pacific that they were giving away tickets for local destination for absolutely free. Of course, I was skeptical but I tried booking anyway. Ren and I were able to get 4 tickets (roundtrip) to Iloilo for November and YES we didn't have to pay a single centavo! So I guess that means we're going on a trip in November. This also means that I need to get new luggage for the trip - our old bags are beat up.

Quickie: Seems Like a Good Weekend

Weekends are normally lazy for us and nothing really happens much. This one looks to be different. We got the freebies we were waiting for from Globe - printer, web cam, and head set. We're set to meet the guy who made the new skin for Koryu. We're meeting Lt. to watch Dark Knight. Here's to hoping that it really is a going to be a good weekend!

Say Hello To Garcia

I got us a new toy today. I was not really planning on it but after Sam's party, we took Dad shoe-shopping and when we said goodbye, we went around CyberZone to window shop. We saw a couple of things that we wanted. There was this 7-inch laptop that had 1G of memory and 60G HDD. I thought of getting it but decided against it. Then we saw the God of War PSP bundle. We were gonna get it. Then we found out they wouldn't let us pay 0 interest on the credit card. We decided against it. THEN we saw a Sony W-200 bundle. It came with a FREE photo printer, a FREE (extra) battery, a FREE 2G memory card, and a FREE case - 0 percent on my credit card. We couldn't resist it. So here we are at home, with a new camera that I have been wanting for a long time. I named her Garcia, from the tech girl at Criminal Minds. I haven't really played around with Garcia much yet as the battery charge is low but we got some pics at Mr. Kabab where we went to eat dinner after shopping.