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Old Magazines

What do you do with old magazines? I found a huge stack of them yesterday and I think that it might be time to get rid of them, for one reason or another. I cannot believe I have so many mags, and they're an eclectic bunch, too. They're just gathering so much dust (I'll probably have a break out and have to check acnezine reviews ) and eating up space. I don't want to just throw them away, though. I wonder if there is a recycling thing in the neighborhood...

What's Your Carbon Footprint?

Here's your chance to make a change and to help the environment in your own little way. I remember taking a quiz about a year ago - courtesy of Earl - which told you just how wasteful your lifestyle was. I think my results weren't that bad but I know that I could still use some better conservation habits. In this time of crisis - financial, environmental, and other sorts (maybe emotional?) - being part of something bigger than yourself can help make your life a bit easier to handle. Check out how much energy you use and take action to reduce your carbon footprint - click on the banner below!

Bulalo and Typhoon Frank

Earl dropped by the house around midnight. He's leaving in August and we haven't hung out in a while so when he and Jerry bugged me about going to R&J's to have bulalo , I said yes. After all, I also thought that it would be a good night to be eating a steaming bowl of that soup with the kind of weather we were having. Little did we know that there was a typhoon. So there we were, past midnight, prowling the streets of the city. It was not bad while we were out. There was some rain and a bit of strong wind. We had a good meal although we were a bit disappointed at the amount of meat in the soup. Normally, there was more. The flavor was still good anyway and we had a good time together. The famous bulalo Earl getting himself some broth Bulalo is a Filipino dish which is basically beef shank (with the bone and all) boiled for a very long time. The broth is very flavorful and the meat very tender, falling out of the bone. For some foreigners, the presentation tur

Insuring Valuables

I've never been one to place much value on insurance. Oh, I totally understand how important insurance can be but it was not until recently that I really started taking steps towards getting my own insurance policies. It started with the medical insurance for both Jerry and myself. Then I got a life insurance cum retirement plan policy. The other day, though, this text message circulated - I am sure you have heard about it. Supposedly, an American entity predicted that an earthquake was going to hit Manila. Even though I knew that it was a hoax - earthquakes can't be predicted as yet, right? - it still made me think. What if, indeed, something happens? That made me think about our other valuables that would be irreplaceable unless I take out insurance on them. So right now, I am thinking about various insurance policies - from appliance insurance to car insurance .