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Boho Sarapsody Bistro - For a Laid Back Night Out

I used to be a going out person, although I never really thought of myself that way. Thanks to old blog posts and Facebook status updates and photos, it seems that I had (have?) that outgoing side. No doubt I still like going out now and then, but it's more about a relaxing, quiet evening than a rowdy, drunken one. I have to admit that the no alcohol part is more health-enforced than voluntary, but all's good. So last night, I went to this "new" place called Boho Sarapsody Bar. It's on Ermin Garcia St. in Cubao - a place I had never heard of before.

Old Need For Speed Games For PSP

I used to love this franchise. I still remember the good old days when I played Need For Speed Hot Pursuit on my PC - I wasn't any good, really, but I had so much fun. When we got the games for the PS2 and the PS3, I thought I would have as much fun. I was wrong. I guess I am NOT that much of a gamer. The new games are just too hard for me. You have to repair and upgrade your car - buy wheels, kits, air intakes, and all sorts of other things. I guess it is more challenging and more realistic, but I'll take the old NFS games any day. And I just might get my wish! I heard that they are releasing (or have released!?) a game pack with the "classic" NFS games for the PSP. Anyone else have info on this?

Mercury Rising Again

Well, I am not sure that "rising" is the appropriate word for the occurrence but apparently, it's time for Mercury to go on retrograde mode again. If you remember my post on blaming things on Mercury , it's basically the same. More info on Mercury Retrograde here . Again, it might not mean anything but to be on the safe side, as my boss put it, why don't we all go home and not work while this is happening? Ha ha...I WISH! From that same blog I linked to above, here are some things that we can do: Review your life and the decisions you’ve made. ( Ok, this could work but it will take me more than a week to go through everything!) Readjust your priorities. ( Doing this...) Retreat to give yourself the space you need. ( Hm...a weekend alone at a hotel somewhere sounds good.) Recommit to the goals you believe are worth-while. ( I really want to do this but to be honest I am a bit afraid...) Reflect on who you are and where you’re going. ( Maybe this is what has

Couldn't Resist the Guitar

I tried but I lost. I was really holding off on spending any more money but after a day of playing Rock Band 2 when we visited our cousin after New Year and Jer and I had so much fun with the kids: We just couldn't help but get Guitar Hero. Some pics of our new baby. More songs to play in Guitar Hero World Tour. I just wish we could get the complete instrument kit. Next up...GH Metallica. I hear that they're coming out with one in the next few months.

When the Glitter Calls You

I used to NOT understand why people went to Casinos . I didn't get what made them want to visit cities such as Las Vegas because of gambling. I still probably do not get the whole idea as I have very limited casino and gambling experience. However, I think my horizons have widened considerably. Though I may not experience the same degree of thrill that some people do, I still have a better understanding of the experience. Last month, my in-laws spent several days in Vegas. They have been there many times before so they knew their way around. I was thinking, though, that if I were to pay that vibrant city a visit, I would be lost. Seeing as I have never been there before, that is to be expected. Add to that the excitement that I would probably feel and you can just imagine how lost I would be. Fortunately for people like me, there are a lot of resources online. One such resource is Casinos R-US. They specialize in providing casino tours so for example, if I were to go to

The Couple that "Wiis" Together, Stays Together

Jerry and I are perhaps the most competitive couple that I know. From food (yes sometimes we try to out-eat each other) to video games, we always seem to be trying to out do one another. That is why I have stopped playing video games with him a long time ago - we just ended up fighting. That is why I am quite happy with how things are working out. He got his birthday gift way ahead of time yesterday and we have spent most of the time since then playing on the Wii. :D Cute bag that came with the package The little boy with his new toy The Wii in its new home - she does not have a name yet. Any suggestions? Our current favorite? Tennis - we get to play as a team and believe it or not, we actually encourage each other just like real players! I am liking this kind of gaming. Of course, if we want to fight, we can always box (with) each other - now this is another story altogether!

Mythbusters (Almost) Killed MacGyver

Just like any other child who grew up in the 80s and 90s, MacGyver was part of my childhood. You have to know that we didn't have a TV set in our home while we were growing up. Our parents did not believe that we needed one to learn and to keep ourselves busy. We read instead. However, during the summer vacation, my grandma's TV was brought to our house so that we could watch a couple of select shows. And when I say select, I mean select. Sesame Street, Batibot (the Philippine Sesame Street), and - you guessed it - MacGyver were the only shows we were allowed to watch. Watching the show was a family affair. I still remember everyone gathering around the TV on Saturday night, 7:00pm. My dad would turn the key to switch the TV on - can you believe that, the TV had a key?! Anyhow, you can just imagine how highly I revered (and still do!) Angus MacGyver. We looked up to him so much that we called our dad MacGyver - yup, he could solve anything. ;) So when Jerry got ahold o