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Dreams Come True

Last night, I found myself browsing through my archives again. I don't know what I was looking for, but I did enjoy reading some of my old posts. One that struck me was written in May 2008 , and I loved how that post ended. "One last thing - I really wish I could work from home full time." I loved that line because of one thing: I am working from home (or the beach or wherever) full time. I started doing it in 2010, and it is an excellent reminder that dreams and wishes do come true if you look for ways and wait. That being said, while my week has been rather crazy at work, I look back to that dream many years ago. Image via nicopierce

Reminder to Self

Earlier today, I had an interesting conversation about university, work, and dreams. Dreams being the kind that people have about their future. Not the dreams that you have when you're asleep. I was brought back to when I was a young idealist kid who thought that looking at System Engineer Jobs , or something similar, would be awesome. I remembered the early days of college when I thought that working with the technical aspect of computers was my dream. Fast forward to the early 2000s when my dream changed. I was working as an English teacher. I never wanted to be a teacher and yet there I was. I loved what I was doing, but my dream then was to write full time. Back then, I was writing before and after my day job. I just knew that I would be so much happier staying at home and writing all day. Today, I am living my dream, and yet sometimes, I have to remind myself that this is my dream. There are days when words seem alien to me. There are times when writing is like having my t

House in the Mountains

Summer is officially here. This afternoon, I just felt myself wilting as I sat in the shade trying to get some work done. I did get some done, but I just had to lie down and nap in the heat of the afternoon. I guess it must have been THAT hot as even my dreams were of all things cool - in the literal sense. Now you know how much I dream - in color and vividly. I think this afternoon's dream was one of the nicest I have had in months. I dreamt that I had a humongous old house in the mountains. It was made of old wood, had a wide foyer, and a nice staircase. The house had a breakfast room at the right side and there was a nice teak table facing the window. Outside the window, you could see a nice koi pond. I think that was remnants of the Cebu trip. On the other side, there was another table in a similar set up. The difference was that outside this window, one could see a nice swimming pool. I can't remember much, but it was really nice. Everything was open and th

Snake Dreams

I finally fell asleep before dawn earlier today, and that was a relief. The sucky part is that I didn't really sleep well. I have written about my elevator dream before - the recurring one. Well, I haven't dreamed it in a while, but I had another one of my recurring dreams last night: about snakes. I don't know why, but snakes have always creeped me out. Every now and then, especially if I have seen snakes on TV, I have scary dreams. Well last night - or this morning - I had one of them. Some say snakes are good luck. Snake tattoo, anyone? (I'd be the first to sign up for tatoo removal if I ever find one on my skin for some reason.) Anyhow, I wonder why I had that dream last night. I woke up groggy and out of it - more than usual. Anyone know what snake dreams mean?

A Taste of Bali

I wish it were the real Bali! Early this morning, we headed up to Tagaytay, a mountain city south of Manila. It was our company's annual team building, and despite my initial (strong) misgivings, I went anyway. The venue is called Bali Village Hotel, and as the name implies, it is patterned after Balinese architecture. There are slight similarities, as you can see from the photos below. Tagaytay is known for being windy and its cool atmosphere - it was a tad windy, and a bit cool, but it wasn't the same. The hotel premises were pretty nice, though. That's the ceiling of the pavilion where our main activities were held. I thought the lamps were pretty cool. That's the pool - no it wasn't that dark. I just don't know how to adjust the light settings! I didn't bring my suit with me so I had to be content with being dry all day. I want a house with a yard like this. Oh yes, there was beer - lots of it! An afternoon of good company and SML...what more

Siquijor Finally!

I have been wanting to go to this island in the middle part of the Philippines for quite some time now. When I got home from work tonight, I saw an e-mail from Cebu Pacific - SALE! Naturally, I had to check out the fares, and guess what? I can finally go to Siquijor! This is what awaits me: Hopefully, this is where I will be staying: I don't care if I have to starve for this vacation. I don't care if I can't shop for anything else. That beach is worth it! I am already imagining myself lounging in the sand...sitting on the porch...far away from the condo...far away from the exit alarm s...nothing but the sand, the sea, and the SUN! The best part is that I can still do my work while at the beach...ah, I am finally getting to live my life!

Elevator Dream Comes Real

Well, not quite. I have these recurring dreams about elevators , which I wrote about years ago. The frequency has decreased somehow, but today, I had a real life experience. These scenic elevators at work are supposedly the fastest way to get to our office. However, they act up every now and then, and as luck would have it, one decided to give me a surprise earlier today. There were three of us in the elevator, and the ride up went smoothly. Unfortunately, the door wouldn't open when we got to the top. Instead, the elevator descended ever so slowly. Oh so slowly. The only good thing about it is that the elevator wasn't packed. Otherwise, I would have panicked. Surprisingly, I was more pissed than afraid. It was so hot and waiting for the elevator to reach the ground floor was agonizing. Maybe my elevator dreams aren't so bad after all. I'd rather have those dreams that the other kinds of dreams I have been having lately.


I had this awful dream the other night. I wasn't going to write about it but I decided to do it anyway. I dreamt that I was at a beach (probably Caramoan since that was the last beach I went to) and that I was going into the water wearing my gym shoes. Suddenly, my feet started sinking in the sand. I took of my shoes as they seemed to be the reason for my rapid sinking but that didn't help. I then tried to lie flat on my back (more surface area) but that didn't work either. While there are no hotels in Caramoan, in my dream, there was this big building on the shore. I started shouting for help and a guy peeked out his window but he was on a high floor so he couldn't do anything. The last thing I remember was feeling - actually feeling - the sand come up to my mouth and nose. I also remember thinking "I'm going to die and there's nothing I can do about it." Then I woke up. I don't know why I had that dream but it sucks - just like the ele

My Shop Around The Corner

Ever seen the movie "You've Got Mail?" That is one of my favorite movies, largely due to Meg Ryan's Shop Around The Corner. Ever since I saw that movie, I have had the desire to have my own Shop Around The Corner. Unfortunately, not all dreams come true just like that. Here I am, 10 years later, and still dreaming of that little bookstore. More than owning a little bookstore, I want to become a children's librarian. Most of the people who hear about this laugh or scoff at me. I am quite used to comments like "Isn't a librarian just a person who sits behind the desk and lends out books?" Maybe. Then again, there is so much more to being a librarian than loaning books. Anyhow, you might not know it but librarianship was my major in university. Since I got a job in another field (teaching English!) while I was still working on my thesis, however, I had not had a chance to practice my profession. Now that I hit the big 3-0, I am thinking it&#

Front of the Class

Last week, a friend told me about this movie she had seen on HBO. She was passionate about it, making me want to see it for myself. So yesterday, when she sent me a text message that the movie was on, I hurriedly moved over from the table (where I normally work) to the couch and turned the TV on. Front of the Class is based on a true story. It is about Brad Cohen's struggle with his condition, Tourette Syndrome, and how he came to accept it as part of himself; how he learned that he could do most anything that other people can; how he chased his dream relentlessly; how he achieved his dream. The movie was not even halfway over when I found tears endlessly streaming down my face. Maybe it's simply because I have been overly sensitive in the past week. Maybe it's because I have a soft spot for the physically and mentally challenged. Maybe it's because I had a dream once and I kinda lost my way. Maybe it's because I am realizing that it is time to chase that

Restless Dreams

Was out again last night. The past few days have gone by in a blur, and I can barely remember the details. It's been that kind of week, and it was not a surprise that everyone wanted a drink or two last night. It was also not surprising that I had restless dreams. I dreamt that I was on a small island, which I called home. I dreamt that I was running a small beach resort; that I was writing for a living. It was so detailed. I can even describe my beach resort, down to the outdoor furniture . I have to correct myself and say the dream was not restless in itself. It was my feeling when I woke up that I can describe as restless...when will this dream come true?

Coolest Libraries in America

Now why am I writing about this? One, because my dream is to become a practicing librarian and help children discover a love for books. Two, because this day is not going well and I need something to make me feel better and books and libraries seem to do just that. Three, I don't want to let my emotions run wild and writing this long post will help me salvage a potentially disastrous day (or weekend perhaps). So, on to the coolest libraries in America. These libraries were featured on MSN and I found myself putting them on my list of places to visit before I die. There are actually 10 but I only picked those that tugged at my heaHere goes. Seattle Central Public Library, Seattle Glass + steel = graceful strength This building is beautiful in a modern kind of way. I can just imagine how high tech their system inside is. Boston Copley Public Library, Boston Photo courtesy of Celebrate Boston This building just wows me with its appearance. Dubbed as an example o

Elevator Dream Comes Back

Just last week, I was reminded of my elevator dream again. A blogger friend, Holly, wrote about a weird dream that she had. That led to a short discussion on my weird dreams. Anyhow, I told her I hadn't had that dream in a while. Boy, did the universe hear me or what? Last night, I didn't get much sleep because of that dream. It just kept repeating itself. She said maybe it was because something was throwing me off balance. Perhaps. I hate tilting elevators.

Even Good Dreams Suck

I love the fact that I am a vivid dreamer - usually, that is. Sometimes, though, even if I had a good dream, I wake up being very much affected that I feel low all throughout the next day. It looks like one of those days. I found this quiz about dreams at iVillage and my results are: On Top of the World... Congratulations. Your quiz score reveals that you feel strong, confident and in control. Maybe you recently found the love of your life, or perhaps your boss is finally acknowledging your hard work in the office. Whatever the case, you feel secure with yourself and ready to take on any future challenges. Just remember, there are some things in life that we can never control - so if you slip from your pedestal of power from time to time, don't be too hard on yourself. I don't understand it - I don't feel as if I were on top of the world...

Elevator Dreams

I have heard of people having recurring dreams but people in my circle do not seem to have them. Maybe it's because we do not talk about it? I have this dream that keeps recurring. I haven't dreamt of it for a while but it does come back at least once a month. In my dream, I am in the elevator. It would sway as if it were held by just a single cable. It would go up to hundreds of floor, tilting and swaying all the while. It would never stop on the floor that I want. It's a scary dream but I do not understand. I have had this dream for years. I take elevators every day. Does this dream mean something or do I just have an overactive imagination?

Thinking of Our Own House

Yesterday, Livi was talking about moving to their own house pretty soon. They have been working on that house for about a year now, I think, and they didn't seem to have solid plans of moving in anytime soon - at least until yesterday. Anyhow, that got me thinking. We've been renting since we got married. I know that in the future, I would like to own a house - not a condo, not an apartment. I want a medium-sized house that I could call home. I want a yard where the kids can play and where the dogs can run. I want at least 2 bathrooms. I want my own office or library. I want a very nice kitchen. I want a patio with teak patio furniture . The ideal place would be in an island, within easy access to the beach front. Yes I am dreaming right now but who knows? Maybe someday (soon I hope!) I'll have what I want.