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Playing With the Blog Design

You might have noticed that in the past few days, the look of Dreamwalkersworld has changed a lot. Truth be told, I have been using WordPress for most of my projects. This has led me to want to have a different look for this blog. I have no issues with Blogger at all, but I crave for a different design. Hence the playing around. There are some nice options given as a default by Blogger, but I want something that looks better. Don't get me wrong - I love my dragon header. I had that custom-drawn, and I have even gone to a tattoo artist to have him sketch one for me. (Haven't gotten inked yet, though!) However, I have seen so many designs that are more striking, especially those that have a slider for wordpress . I have even found a cool plugin called SlideDeck, which I am considering using on my WordPress blog (if I get around to working on it). For those of you using WordPress, you might want to consider using SlideDeck . You can set up something that looks like what you see

Spam Comments Galore

I woke up (more than 5 hours later than I had originally planned) to THAT. WTF? It seems I can't do anything about it but to delete them one by one and to enable comment moderation. WordPress is looking good right now.

Get Rich Blogging?

I have heard people say this so many times but I haven't gotten rich doing it. I am probably doing something wrong. Then again, I am enjoying myself so it's all good. I just thought about this again because a friend of mine recently started her own blog and she has such high hopes for it. She's really stoked and I am excited for her. When she asked for tips on how to promote her blog, I was like "Um, my blog has a very small readership so I am not in the position to advise you." Yet there are some tried and tested tips that have worked for many: directory submission visiting and commenting on other blogs blog communities blog carnivals (I don't know if people still do this) I think the bottom line is providing quality content that will bring people back to your blog. Otherwise, just enjoy writing and to heck with getting rich! ;) Whatchathink?

The New Look Is Here!

I have been yakking on and on about revamping my blog and finally, I have found the time to do it! It is 1:45 in the morning and my eyes are closing on their own but I am quite happy with what I am seeing. I got the template from Blogcrowds after a long period of searching. The header was made by Carlo, a designer friend of mine. He really did a superb job didn't he? (Yeah this is a plug, he accepts orders. Let me know if you need a designer and I'll hook you up with him.) It took him about 2 weeks - I think even less - to finalize the header. All I did was to tell him the general idea that I had - a bluish-black dragon at night, something fierce but dreamy at the same time. I was kinda scared that he would not get my idea and that he wouldn't be able to visualize it. My fears were unfounded - I loved his first draft from the very beginning! In the meantime, the blog elements are still in the works so if you find anything that needs tweaking, please let me know

Quickie: New Blog Look on the Way

It's an open secret that I have been looking for a new look for Dreamwalkersworld for quite some time now. It was only last month that things really got started. I found the perfect template and have tested it. An artist friend is working on the most awesome (yeah I still love that word) header I have ever seen. He's been working on it for a week and from what I saw last night, it will blow me (and hopefully you) away! Maybe just another week or so and the new look will be out. I can't wait!!!

New Niche Blog: Special Child

My sister, Hannah, started a blog about a year or so ago. She called it Special Child . Her son, Sam, was born with a genetic disorder called Prader-Wili Syndrome . The diagnosis changed our lives and every day that we spend with Sam is something we treasure greatly. That is why we decided to give new life to this old blog. In Special Child , we want to share Sam's life and our experiences with others. We want to get the word out about special children and various disorders that exist. More so, we want families to realize that: Some mothers get something more. It’s always more never less and it makes our children all the more special. I'd like to invite you to pay Special Child a visit every now and then. See you there!

Grandmas And Blogging

I don't remember if I wrote something about our mother taking up blogging recently. It was my sister who introduced it to her. Our mom has been retired for a long time now and she has always kept herself busy. In the last year, however, she was slowed down a bit when her cataract operation turned awry, taking away the sight from one of her eyes. Though she has not been very vocal about it, I know that it is one of her biggest setdowns in her life. That is why I am glad that she has found blogging. I know for a fact how blogging can become an outlet and that is always a good thing. I realized even more that blogging spans generations and purposes. Yesterday, I ran across a blog entry by Grace Chong, a well known author here in the Philippines. She called it " Should Grandmas Blog? " In my mind, I was shouting "YES!" Our generation may take blogging for granted. We may see it in many ways, one of which is to make extra income here and there, but I thin

Looking For A New Template

When I migrated to Blogger, I had a difficult time choosing my template. There were many free templates to choose from but I did not find one that suited my preferences easily. I settled for this template because I thought it was simple and I liked the colors. Now that I have been working on this blog for a couple of months, I think that it is time that I use a template that reflects my theme even better. I do not know where to to find one but I am hoping that I will find one soon. I do not have a clear idea of what I want the template to be except that I want something with shades of black and blue. I want a dragon and/or a butterfly. I want something dreamy. Do you know what I am talking about? Anyone know where I can get a template or find someone who can do it for me? I am willing to pay if the price is reasonable. :) Do send me a message if you think you can help me out. Thanks!