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Setting Down Roots or Backup Plan?

It wasn't long ago that I would declare unequivocally that I would never buy a condominium unit or any property in the city -- for a variety of reasons. Lately, however, I have been seriously thinking about (finally?) getting a place I can call my own.

Again, for various reasons.

I have been renting my entire adult life (esp. if you count dorm life as renting?), and I am getting tired of having to rely on the landlord. I suppose I'm lucky in a sense that my landlord of the past 8 or so years doesn't really care what we do to the place. Then again, that's bad because the unit -- as much as I love the space -- is dilapidated. 

If we hadn't painted it ourselves and made a cosmetic upgrade here and there over the years, nothing would have changed. Even so, there is so much to be fixed around here. Sections of the ceiling are falling apart and some are literally held together by duct tape (thanks, COVID, for an excuse not to have it properly fixed). We've replaced some screens, but some windows still need fixing. Unlikely that the landlady would pay for a Fiberglass Window Screen! A small section downstairs leaks when it rains.

I could go on and on...

At the end of the day, I just want a nice place that I can call my own -- and that is not falling apart. And, even if I don't end up staying here (beach vs city, hello), at least I know there is a place I can go to any time.

So, is this "rooting" or simply wanting to have a backup plan?


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