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Pillow Bread PH 3-Day Cleanse, Day 2

Today was...interesting.

The menu was pretty much the same, except for the lemon morning drink (it is quite a good wake-me-upper) and the pumpkin soup for dinner.

The thing is, I really can't seem to go through the whole day with just the items on the menu.

I had a banana, a handful of cashews, and half a small sweet potato.

I did make it through the day -- I am now winding now, earlier than usual because I have a headache. Not sure if it's because of not eating more or because of something else.

In any case, you know what helped me? Water. TONS of it.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and see how I will manage.

To be fair, I do feel less bloated; though looking at my tummy, you wouldn't think it! =))

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