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I've Never Been One for Twinning, But...

For sure, you've seen people wearing the same clothing and posting it on social media with "twinning" somewhere in the caption. I've never been one for this thing, but I guess recent events have made me more sentimental.

I can blame getting old. Maybe the pandemic -- it's messed things up pretty badly, after all. Or maybe, I just happen to have three wonderful nephews who have upended my life. In a good way. ;)

So, here's me thinking I won't be around this Christmas, but it would be fun to do this twinning thing. Because, why not?

I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise when Shopee and Lazada searches served up tons of options. I'm really not up to date with this twinning thing. And, apparently, Christmas pajamas for the entire family are a thing, too!

Color me not-so-convinced at first, but tell me, how cute are these LazyOne family matching christmas pajamas?

This tailgate design really caught my just seems so apt for our family.

Side's probably too early to think about Christmas, but this will be the first one (in a while) that I won't be with the kids. Truth be told, I haven't really wanted to do the whole Christmas thing in ages. You know how it is with us Filipinos...

But, we've been doing it for the kids, and I have to admit I kind of get all caught up in the gift buying. Sometimes, when I come across stuff even in Q1, I get it -- for Christmas! This year will be a tad different, for sure, but maybe I can convince my sister and the entire family to wear Christmas pajamas and talk on FaceTime while they twin (or quintuplet or whatever) it. Now there's an idea...

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