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This past couple of weeks have been a lesson on accountability (among a few other things, but that's a story for another post). I signed up for a program with a nutrition coach because I have been unable to control myself when it came to food.

Basically, I've been on a see-food diet. Ya know...when I see food, I eat it.

Even if I see it only on TV (damn NBA ads), thanks to delivery services, the fried chicken finds its way to my tummy.

Anyhow, I once again realize how accountability is an important part of life. While I consider myself to be a fairly independent person, I may have impulse control issues occasionally. That's when an outside entity, to whom I can hold myself accountable, matters.

Whether it's food, exercise, relationships, or work, having someone to answer to - in varying degrees - helps me walk the line.

However, at the end of the day, accountability to external elements can only take you so far. The decisions, big or small, are still your own and you have to answer to the most important person of all - you.

Who are you accountable to?


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