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What's Keeping You Sane?

Hanging on to your sanity may be your best accomplishment this year. With everything that is going on, it is easy to lose it. More people are experiencing depression, anger, sadness, melancholy, and a bunch of other emotions that one wouldn't want to wish on others. Yet, it is what it is. Life sucks right now, and we just have to deal with it. You're not getting any platitudes from me today.  Nope. Right now, I can't handle platitudes. What I can share are things that are keeping me sane. Things that I hope will help (if you need). 1. Duolingo They say people are humblebragging about the hobbies and skills they have discovered during quarantine. And while it can be annoying to see your social media feed full of expert bakers, cooks, gardeners, and whatnot (jealous much?), there is something to be said about expanding your skillset. It's not mandatory, of course, but hey, if you have the time and inclination, why not pick up something new? For me, it's learning Spani