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Hi, I'm Noemi and I Might Be an Online Shopaholic

Being stuck at home is nothing new to me, as this is the lifestyle I have led for over a decade. However, I have come to find out that there is a huge difference between choosing not to go out and being forced to stay home.

With this mandated no-travel situation comes a lot of perks - you get to save money, in a way; but it also turns your attention to a horde of other things you normally wouldn't think about. And that can offset the savings you make from not traveling.

In my case, online shopping is partially filling that traveling hole.

Hello, I'm Noemi, and I think I have become an online shopaholic.

Still, I believe that majority (okay, some) of my purchases - past and future - are necessary. Take the Nintendo Switch, for example. I had been sitting on that purchase for years, and finally, with the influence of my nephews, I gave in. And, boy, has it saved my sanity!

Then there's the issue of data storage. My MacBook Pro is my lifeline simply because it is the tool that enables me to make a living. The problem is that it has limited storage. I didn't think I'd run out of space, but the unimaginable has happened. I need extra space.

What to do?

I can simply delete files but why do that when there are tons of SSDs available ONLINE?

Rakuten is killing me with its offering of SSDs, and this Samsung SSD 860 Pro 256GB 2.5" SATA III 3D NAND 256G Internal Solid State Drive MZ-76P256BW is calling my name in particular. $99.97 instead of the usual $199!!!

Do I really need it?

Who cares?


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