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Running and Music

Go together like apple and pie.


I know that probably doesn't make much sense, but hear me out.

I've taken up running (walking fast and jogging slowly to be accurate) and I've found that I just can't really do it without music blasting in my ears. (I'm sure I'm not alone.)

Thing is, I've got two routes. Both of them peppered with food establishments that torture me. And one has got what may be the best apple pie in my area.

Make sense now?

Back to running and music...

I was at the Apple store the other day, and while waiting for the guy to bring out the unit I had reserved, I browsed the gear. I have been wanting to buy wireless earbuds for running, so I looked around.

It's ridiculous how expensive those things are! I am no musician, but I have an idea how much they pay for their gear - drummers and guitarists alike. Some of them even have their own line like Synyster Gates gear. Of course, with those kinds of gear, you can expect to burn a hole in your pocket. There's the personal branding, plus the design and quality, to consider.

But when it comes to earbuds, man, I just can't justify having to spend more than a hundred dollars on a pair.

I guess you audiophiles are looking down through your noses at me, aren't you?

In any case, since I am being stingy at the moment, I'll have to content myself with my good old irritating wired earbuds.

At least I can still have music while running.


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