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What Do You Use Your iPhone For?

I've got this "dedicated device" principle that I like to stick to as much as possible. Back in the day when I had the iPhone 4 and then the iPhone 5, it was easy.

The phone was for, well, phone things - calling and texting. Oh, and I used it as an eReader.

The iPad was for games and working on the road.

The iPod Nano was for music, obviously.

Today, the lines have become blurred, thanks to the changes in device sizes.
The iPhone 5 fit perfectly in one hand. The screen was the perfect size for reading. The iPad 1/2/3 was perfect for gaming.

With the iPhone 6/6 Plus and the iPad Mini, the game has changed. Cannibalization has occurred.

The phone big enough to be used as a gaming device - and more. The iPad is small enough to be used as an eReader and just right for comics - Chunky is awesome.

We also can't deny the plethora of apps that make the iPhone a virtual "do-it-all" machine. As we used to joke back in the day, it can even fry eggs for you. Maybe boil potatoes.

Depending on the software, you can use the iPhone to create music with the right accessories like the irig midi.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the iPhone is now my go-to music player on the go because of Spotify. (My Nano still gets used at home sometimes, though.)

Then there are the health apps - from calorie trackers to exercise trackers to name it you've got it.

I use it for email, both work and personal. I use it for social media, of course - work and personal as well. As a camera. A video camera.

This list is making my head spin, making me think that maybe I should wean myself off the iPhone little by little. You know, just take a breather here and there and not use the phone for practically everything.

So, what do you use your iPhone for?


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