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Where's the "Bilo" in "Bilo-bilo"?

Bilo-bilo is a dish with sticky rice balls formed from a mixture of glutinous rice flour and water. Coconut milk is added for flavor, along with jackfruit strips and sweet potato cubes.

But the main thing is the rice ball(s) - the bilo-bilo.

This is one of my favorite dishes but I haven't had the chance to eat it for years - maybe around 5 years now! So when I saw it at the Sunday Market in Legazpi, it was a no-brainer.

My plans for breakfast went out the window. Bilo-bilo it was as soon as I got home. Mouth watering and hands a bit shaky in excitement (I kid you not), I dug in.

To my dismay, there was not a single rice ball in the container.

Sure, there were tons of cassava and sweet potato. There were sago balls and a bit of sweet plantain. But NO bilo-bilo!

I stirred, stirred, and stirred some more. Finished half the bowl, but NADA.

So, boys and girls, if you want bilo-bilo and you go to the Legazpi Sunday Market, don't buy from the big stall with all the Filipino dishes. You won't miss it as they are the biggest one at the end of the leftmost row if you're facing the back of the market. They have all sorts of viands and rice cakes, too.

On another note, I am quite happy with the rest of my haul.

Some barbecued pork spare ribs that's good for three meals, fresh lumpiang ubod - like a spring roll but with fresh strips of palm heart and a thicker wrapper, and two slices of cake (Smores and Red Velvet) for P120! 

Oh, and a bag for the same price.

Rewind to earlier that morning...

I was actually out for a jog. While resting, I saw this tree right in front of me. It has always been there, I just didn't notice the flowers. Or maybe they weren't in bloom last week.

Panting and puffing aside, the view made me smile. Never mind the fake bilo-bilo that came after.


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