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The Quest for the Best Apple Pie in Manila: Second Stop - Mom & Tina's

Still on the hunt for awesome apple pie. Still haven't found what I'm looking for.

But, I went back to Mom & Tina's - I know, it was my First Stop, but I also knew it had another version. They call it French Apple Crumble.

Obviously, it's different from the traditional American apple pie (like the first one I posted), although I do believe apple crumble is just as common. 

I have to say I like this better because of the warm, crunchy "crumble". They don't skimp on the cheese, either, so it's got this good contrast of sweet and salty.

The inside is gooeir and tastier as well.

And I think there was more filling than in the American apple pie.

In any case, this will be my go-to pie place in case of an emergency.

On to the next place when I find one!

Got a tip? Let me know, please. 


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