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The Quitting Smoking Chronicles: Week 3

Week 3 has come and gone, and I can't say that it was much different from Week 2

The itchiness around the patch application area has lessened, and the craving - or lack thereof - hasn't been much of an issue.
In fact, I went out two times this week - WOOH! Progress on many different aspects! - and while I did feel the slight "wanting" for a smoke because dinner - with other people smoking around - I didn't really struggle.

I was also at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf this afternoon for an hour or so in the smoking section. I didn't get tempted at all. Okay, maybe a bit envious. I was more interested in the conversation going on at the next table because it was in Spanish, and it reminded me of wanting to pick up French or Spanish again (or maybe learn a new language altogether). last week of patches. 

I'm so excited, and yes, I can't hide it!

My monkey brain is all over the place, and I'm already thinking of what/how I am going to reward myself with each milestone (once the patch-free period starts).

A weekend at Pico de Loro? I saw my cousin's photos over the weekend, and the place is gorgeous. If I had money, this Cozy Winters Review makes the idea of a long haul trip enticing, too. Then there's Paris. 

LOL...getting way ahead of myself. I just really want to travel again.

Rewarding myself for not smoking is as good an excuse as any.


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