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The Quitting Smoking Chronicles: Week 2

Boy, oh, boy.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but Week 2 was a tough one. While I was tempted to smoke once or twice during Week 1, I had a rough time last week.

It's probably due to other circumstances as well...stress=smoke.

But here I am. Two weeks without smoking and on "Step 2" of the Niquitin program.

Quitting Smoking

I have to admit that the patches do work. But I also think that a quitting smoking mindset has a lot to do with it.

Like I said earlier, Week 2 was a tough one. I found myself sitting in the "smoking corner" looking at temptation. Struggling like a fish caught in a hook. But, like some lucky fish, I got away.

So let's see how Week 3 goes with this new batch of patches. The patches deliver less nicotine, which shouldn't be a problem as it's a weaning process.

One last thing: my only problem with this brand is that it doesn't stick for more than 10 minutes. Or least until start sweating - which happens when I walk from the bedroom to the kitchen and then back up again.

The solution?

Leukoplast to keep the patch in place. But it also presents another problem: irritated, red, chicken skin. :/

Small price to pay for long-term health, I guess.


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