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New Bedtime Playlist Discovery

I've had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember, but in the recent months, I was able to find that nice point wherein I was able to relax and drift off to sleep without any assistance - except for yoga before bed. Who would have thought?

Then there's the music. I always (well, usually) have music in the background - if I don't, I struggle more with falling asleep.

I've got my go-to playlists, with music ranging from heavy on drums to the lilting sounds of a gibson hummingbird pro to - my latest discovery - the ukelele!

The ukelele has always held some appeal, but I never really paid attention to it till I discovered this playlist on Spotify.

I don't know 99% of the songs, but when I close my eyes, it's so easy to be transported to the beach, see myself in a hammock, having a nice cold drink on the side, reading a book.

If this doesn't work, sleeping pills. ;)


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