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Home Improvement Dreams

Ever since I moved into this homey condo I call home, I've found myself being quite the house person. I used to have someone do the cleaning for me. My previous place had more modern amenities and was freshly painted when I moved in. All I had to worry about was cooking - which wasn't a worry because I love cooking, and when I didn't feel like, I would just take the elevator and walk out the building and take my pick of the restaurants in the area.

Now, I sweep and mop the floor, vacuum the carpet, scrub the bathroom and kitchen, etc. on a regular basis. And you know? I enjoy it, too!

It gives one a sense of satisfaction knowing you're doing things on your own.

That being said, these activities have led me to dreaming about new stuff for the house.

Weird for someone who wants to move around from city to city, country to country for a while.

Yeah, I have some house improvement dream which I can't shake off at the moment.

  • I want pantry slides so that the food stash isn't all over the place.
  • I want the ceiling fan in the living room to work properly.
  • I want lights that don't act like strobes now and then. (This place is old and the wiring is funky.)
  • I want an oven that I can roast and bake with.
  • I want a balcony with plants that don't die on me. All.the.time.
I don't know how long I'll be staying here (it's been two years, so that's long for me), so yeah, these are dreams. But as they say, it's free to dream. And maybe, the next place will have all this and more!


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