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Need Something - Anything - To Feel Better. Music? Eating?

Quitting smoking, exercising, and gobbling down apple pie aside, I just feel so darned tired. I think I know the reasons. I probably do, but I just don't want to dwell on it. Trying to be positive here, you know? They say one of the best things to cure the blues is music . Listen to music, learn to play an instrument alone or at a center like emeryville , go to a live gig? Man, I am just so...I can't even find the words.

The Quest for the Best Apple Pie in Manila: Second Stop - Mom & Tina's

Still on the hunt for awesome apple pie. Still haven't found what I'm looking for. But, I went back to Mom & Tina's - I know, it was my First Stop , but I also knew it had another version. They call it French Apple Crumble. Obviously, it's different from the traditional American apple pie (like the first one I posted), although I do believe apple crumble is just as common. 

The Quitting Smoking Chronicles: Week 3

Week 3 has come and gone, and I can't say that it was much different from Week 2 .  The itchiness around the patch application area has lessened, and the craving - or lack thereof - hasn't been much of an issue.

The Quitting Smoking Chronicles: Week 2

Boy, oh, boy. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but Week 2 was a tough one. While I was tempted to smoke once or twice during Week 1 , I had a rough time last week. It's probably due to other circumstances as well...stress=smoke. But here I am. Two weeks without smoking and on "Step 2" of the Niquitin program .

New Bedtime Playlist Discovery

I've had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember, but in the recent months, I was able to find that nice point wherein I was able to relax and drift off to sleep without any assistance - except for yoga before bed. Who would have thought? Then there's the music. I always (well, usually) have music in the background - if I don't, I struggle more with falling asleep.

The Quitting Smoking Chronicles: Week 1

Eight days ago, I finally started what I have been saying I'd do for years: quit smoking. I say started because I know this is a fight that is going to take a while. I'm going to have to take this one day at a time. One week at a time. Hence my first post about it. It's been a week since I smoked my last cigarette!!!

I Take Back My Rant on Gratefulness

After my previous post, I realized that I had that rant about gratefulness late in December. For the record, I take it back. I was having one heck of a difficult time - my family was. Imagine being hit by a bus, then managing to try to stand up, only to get hit by another one. Then imagine this happening again. And again. That's how it was.

Home Improvement Dreams

Ever since I moved into this homey  condo I call home, I've found myself being quite the house person. I used to have someone do the cleaning for me. My previous place had more modern amenities and was freshly painted when I moved in. All I had to worry about was cooking - which wasn't a worry because I love cooking, and when I didn't feel like, I would just take the elevator and walk out the building and take my pick of the restaurants in the area. Now, I sweep and mop the floor, vacuum the carpet, scrub the bathroom and kitchen, etc. on a regular basis. And you know? I enjoy it, too! It gives one a sense of satisfaction knowing you're doing things on your own.