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Christmas Shopping (for Real) for the First Time

I love giving presents, but for Christmas, I am either late or I just give the kids money. The rush and hectic atmosphere is just too much for me.

This year, even if it's already late by many people's standards, I am going to do a bit of Christmas shopping. The real kind. Have a list. Go to the mall.

It's a weird situation I find myself in, because I really am not the type to be affected by Christmas cheer. I like the season, but as I said, going to the mall at this time of the year is pure torture for me.

But I'm quite excited about getting the little boys stuff that would light up their faces when they open the boxes. I'm excited to find something for my dad. The only sad but is that I don't need to find any gifts like mothers rings from

My mom loved receiving trinkets - necklaces, bracelets, earrings...

Anyhow, this Christmas, I am determined to be cheerful, or at the very least, not grumpy old me. ;)

So, Megamall, here I come (soonish). So help me God.

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