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Laidback Saturday at Satinka Bistro

I'm not one for things labeled artisanal, but Satinka Bistro has made quite an impression on me. Located at 1137 Kamagong St. corner Chino Roces Ave in Makati, the place is so unremarkable from the outside, which makes its interior a pleasant surprise. In fact, I had been passing Satinka for months and didn't realize it was the place my friend had been inviting me to visit for so long.

When I finally went, I immediately fell for it. Downstairs, Satinka is quite small, but it exudes a charm that can't be ignored.

That wall immediately catches your attention - and holds it, too.

The ambiance

There are a couple of tables downstairs, but upstairs is where it's at. While it's still cozy, there is room for more people.

The tables are like picnic tables, which is perfect for large groups, but there are also smaller ones.

What I preferred - and most people, too, I would think - are the two areas in the corner. They are on slightly raised platforms with low square tables and with cushions for seats. Luckily for us, we were able to grab one before more diners came in.

The food

The setting puts you in a relaxed mood, and the food is a perfect match. The menu isn't that extensive, but there is still enough that two people can't try too many. For quick reference, one can simply glance at the chalkboard on the wall.

But of course, we wanted to look more closely. Here are pages from the menu to give you an idea of what they have to offer.

The fare is simple yet with an interesting twist. The prices are reasonable, too, especially since the servings are huge. 

We had a Greek Salad, Rosemary Chicken Adobo, and Mango Cheesecake. I seriously wanted to try all the different pasta dishes but seeing the plates at the other tables, I knew that would be suicide.

These two dishes alone were enough to fill us up. 

As for the dessert, it was the only one that was served as a small portion, but man, was the combination of fresh plain yoghurt and mango cheesecake good!

This place can easily become a regular haunt for me. In fact, I've been trying to make it one. The problem is that Satinka's operating hours are quite erratic. Although you'll find days and hours on Google, based on personal experience, they aren't followed.

In any case, you really should try out Satinka Bistro at least once. I'm quite confident you'll enjoy it.


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