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It's Beach Season Again!

It's not like we aren't able to go to the beach any time of the year, unless there's a typhoon; but March to July is the period most people prefer to go, isn't it?

So it's March, and all I can think of is the beach.

If you knew me five years ago, you'd know that I was at the beach at least three times a year. But things happen, life changes...

At the beginning of this year, though, I promised myself that I would go on at least one trip (alone or with a group, but preferably the former) before June. Well, I've reached my quote when my family went to the wonderfully isolated black beach somewhere up north.

Here's the exciting thing (at least for me): I've got another beach trip scheduled in a couple of weeks!

It's both sad and exciting, actually, as it's going to be the last time my best friend and I are going to see each other for a while as she's leaving the country.

Still, we're going to Tamaraw Beach, which I've always considered my (beach) home away from home.

It's so laid-back and peaceful there, and you really get to forget the stress of everyday life.

So, yes, even though it's going to be a short trip, I am already getting ready for it.

Not that you have to go all out in fashion at Tamaraw, but it's nice to have the perfect summer sandals  - new ones, and perhaps sandals that you can wear to "town" and not just while walking along the beach. After all, it's nice to visit White Beach for food and those sarongs, which I really need to get. And a nice dinner out wearing something more than beachwear (almost pambahay) is not a bad idea at all! So that means doing a bit of shopping before then...any excuse yeah?

And you know what the best part is? I am planning things out so that I won't have to work during the trip. No laptop. Nothing work-related.

Tamaraw, here I come again, and I can't wait.

Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Zalora.


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