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My Dermcare Hair Rebonding Experience

Dermcare is probably not the first name that comes to mind when looking for a salon to get your hair rebonded. In fact, I had never considered it till I saw a standee at the new Alphaland Building in Makati.

I have been frustrated with my hair for a while now - it's always been an issue for me - so I was looking for a salon where I could get a rebond; a decent one with reasonable prices. Alas, the recommendations I found online were all beyond my price range.
I did find a promo on Ensogo for Tony and Jackey at a very reasonable price. However, with my experience with deal sites (remember the bruhaha over the possibly fake Longchamp bag from another deal site?), I really have been staying away from them - except for Taste Central, which has never failed me.

Anyhow, after calling those salons nearby, I "had no choice" but to go for Dermcare, which was more convenient. Since it's in a new building (it's not even full of shops yet), there is barely anyone there, and the salon itself was laidback and quiet. (Photo below is just a concept of the mall)

I first went on a Saturday, but unfortunately, there was no one to do the rebonding. The person I talked to quoted me PHP2800 for the rebond and PHP300 for a hot oil treatment, which I found reasonable so I set an appointment for the next day.

I was in for a pleasant surprise when I got there the next day, as the lady doing my hair said she'll just charge me PHP2500 for everything since my hair was not so thick.

Price aside, the whole experience was quite nice as it really was relaxing with only a handful of customers coming in for facials and hair coloring. And they were quiet people, too.

The ladies who work there are discreet, but chatted from time to time.

The only drawback was that the process took so long - due to how meticulous the one doing the rebonding was - that I found myself dozing off several times. We started at 1 PM and ended at around 6 PM, I think! Also, they don't do haircuts (even after rebonds), which I find weird. I did convince her to trim my hair, though, as it was just all over the place.

So how's my hair doing?

Almost a week in, I'm totally happy. It doesn't look like the strands of a broomstick. It doesn't stink.

I am certain I am going back for a facial at the very least. (If I remember correctly, it's just PHP300 for the regular one.)

So if you're looking for a decent salon, I suggest Dermcare. I don't know about their other branches, but the one at Alphaland Makati is great.


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