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I've Been Down This Road...

I remember back in high school/early college times when my Mom would be singing and dancing to this song; she was obsessed with Ally McBeal, and I just didn't get it!

A decade or so later, I finally started watching the series, and boy, oh boy...

Let's just say that I found my kindred spirits. They may be fictional, but as they say, life is stranger than fiction. (Go figure that one out!)

I went through the entire five seasons in a month or two, I think. It had its slow moments, but seeing Sting and Robert Downey Jr. sing on stage together was something else. To be honest, I think RDJ should not even think of taking up singing as a career, but still...

And there was Bon Jovi, who was the perfect guy.

Anyhow, I just had to write this because the lyrics and music makes feel good about the future.
I've been down this road
Walking the line that's painted by pride
And I have made mistakes in my life that i just can't hide.

But I believe I'm ready
for what love has to bring
I've got myself together
Now i'm ready to sing.

I've been searching my soul tonight
I know there's so much more to life
Now I know I can shine a light
to find my way back home.



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