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Thinking of My Babies

They say having a pet is the best thing to soothe an anxious [or insert any similar adjective here] heart, and while it may be a pain to take care of them sometimes, I believe that pets can only be good for people. Even though you'll have moments when you need to find a vet in the middle of the night, spend money on medication like posatex, or put up with your pet's inanities, at the end of the day, they're comforting.

That being said, I miss my pets.

Dexter the Turtle
Dex and I used to live in a small condo, but when I made some lifestyle changes, I had to leave him with my parents. Now he's got his own spot under the mango tree in the backyard, always buried in leaves. The last time I visited, he wouldn't even come out to say hi!

Summer the feisty 
Summer's the feistiest of the bunch. He never fails to greet you as if he's not seen you forever. Which is usually the case with me...
Nymeria and her pups
This was taken some time ago, and those pups are now grown and with other owners. Nymeria, though, is serving as my dad's companion at the farm. I guess she's living a laidback lifestyle.

This is no time to get a pet for me, but I sure do like thinking of these babies.


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