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Hear That?

That's the sound of the universe laughing. Every time you make plans, every time you see a little glimmer of hope, thinking things are finally going your way, the universe cackles like a witch brewing a potion that would backfire on whoever used it. Eff off, universe. I can laugh back at you, too.

Trunks, Trunks, and More Trunks

I've seem to have gotten this thing for trunks - you know, the kind that you can throw everything into and yet use as a chair, a side table, or a coffee table? These past weekends, when strolling in the mall, I've seen some pretty interesting trunks, but the prices are just unbelievable, so I as usual, Internet, here I come. You might not think trunks are worth your while but take a look at these. The second one is particularly fetching because it's supposed to be Doctor Who-related...and you know how that goes. Looking for unique trunks, too? Trunks Depot is an online shop that has a lot of options. Click to find us here . Images via DoctorWhoOne and caliconcept

New Recipe: Wholesome Beef Stew Recipe from "Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids"

I've always loved to cook, but I've never been one to do well following recipes. I suppose it comes from what I learned from my dad - throw in a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and BAM!, Emeril style. That being said, I have a repertoire of dishes that I know how to make well. The thing is, it's quite a small repertoire, and sometimes, I find myself looking for something new to make. Enter the Wholesome Beef Stew recipe from "Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids", a cookbook specially made for moms who want to serve their kids healthier food without too much of a hassle. Technically there are no kids in my house, but sometimes it feels like... Since we love caldereta - the Filipino version of beef stew - I decided to give this recipe a try. The ingredients seemed simple enough, so I made a list and headed off to the supermarket to get things together.